Putting the Safety of Our Communities First During COVID-19

As featured in the Times Columnist, Blackbird Security is proud to help in the fight against the spread of COVID-19 by ensuring the health and safety of staff and customers of the businesses we serve

Following social distancing protocols, most of us are staying at home as much as possible to help slow the spread of COVID-19. There are times, though, when it is necessary for us to leave our homes for essential items, including groceries and pharmaceutical goods. Venturing out comes with the risk of increasing social proximity, putting ourselves and fellow shoppers at a higher risk. This is where Blackbird Security comes in.

How is Blackbird Security Helping?

Blackbird Security is proud to be on the front lines of reducing the spread of COVID-19. Following Public Health guidelines, we are ensuring that necessary physical distancing is implemented, providing a safe experience for shoppers at our retail partners serving essential services. We do this by limiting the number of shoppers in stores to reduce social proximity; regularly sanitizing commonly touched equipment, such as shopping carts; and ensuring that  folks waiting to enter the store do so with appropriate physical distance between one another.

These examples are seemingly small, but extremely powerful measures to protect our community against the spread of COVID-19. We couldn’t be prouder to offer our services, in the name of public health and safety, during this unprecedented time.

Services We Offer

Are you an essential service needing extra support to ensure the safety of your staff and customers? Blackbird Security is ready to help. We will work with you to ensure your goals are met, including social distancing, sanitation and ongoing site checks. Here are some of the services we offer:

Uniformed Security

Whether your business is retail, public sector or industrial, our uniformed security staff are expertly trained to respond to threats and protect your business with the highest standards of professionalism. In the midst of the particular challenges presented by COVID-19, our uniformed security team will ensure that public health protocols are followed to ensure the safety of your staff and customers. 

Loss Prevention 

Unfortunately, crime and theft are on the rise. This is just one consequence of the economic challenge before us, and it makes the challenge even more stressful for businesses. Whether uniformed or undercover, our team at Blackbird Security stand as strong, proven deterrents to theft. Let us help you protect your business in this critical time.

Frontline Patrol

Given the increased opportunity for crime, are you worried about the security of your building, land or parking lot? Whether it be our foot patrol team or our rapid response vehicle patrol team, we heighten the security presence around your site, giving you more peace of mind during a time that we know you could really use some. 

We’re Hiring!

Are you a licensed security professional in Calgary, Edmonton, British Columbia or Winnipeg? We’d love to have you join our growing team as we stand on the front lines of preventing the spread of COVID-19. Get in touch today at hr@blackbirdsecurity.ca or https://bit.ly/34e9qPf.  

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