Property Manager’s Guide: How a Concierge Can Make Your Life Easier

If you own or manage a commercial or residential property, are you tired of trying to balance an ever-increasing list of competing demands? It’s time you considered Blackbird Security’s security concierge service.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, demand for many of our services has increased. Concierge services are top of the list, and with good reason. Not only do they keep their building safe, they also alleviate the demands placed on property managers, freeing them up to tend to bigger picture projects.

As a trusted first point-of-contact for residents and guests, concierge security staff go about their duties with a customer service-based mindset. And, like the majority of our team members, they’ve even taken on extra responsibilities during the pandemic, ensuring social distancing protocols are followed and people within their buildings are safe from the virus.

How a Security Concierge Makes Life Easier

While there’s nothing average about Blackbird Security’s expertly trained staff, our security concierge team members take things to the next level. Their security services are accompanied by a distinctly professional, welcoming and approachable demeanor. Think of them as an ambassador for the safety and integrity of your building.

At their most basic level, here are some of the functions our concierge staff handle at various properties:

  • Greeting, directing and checking in visitors
  • Maintaining surveillance of the property
  • Providing support for residents, guests and visitors
  • Responding to calls
  • Protecting the property from threats like fire, theft and accidents.

And that’s just the basics. Here are some of the tasks a busy property manager won’t have to handle anymore when they have a Blackbird Security Concierge on-site.

Incident Tracking

Our concierge staff file detailed incident reports online should an incident occur on site. They are trained in conflict resolution and are experts at diffusing situations to a happy resolution, or delaying until further support can arrive. This level of accountability and security ensures all occupants feel safe in the building.


It’s every property manager’s worst nightmare. It’s the middle of the night, an occupant is locked out of their apartment or particular room, and there’s nobody on-site with a key. Usually, that’s going to need a late-night call to the property manager to resolve. Not so when a concierge is on-hand to assist. A security concierge will hold responsibility over the keys to the building, supporting residents and guests when they need access.

Package Handling

With more people than ever at home, delivery trucks have become ubiquitous on our streets. Having delivery drivers walking through a building increases the risk of COVID-19 entering. Placing a concierge at the front door stops this issue entirely, with all packages and deliveries handled right there in the lobby. Residents can rest assured knowing their packages are safe and accounted for whether they’re home to receive them or not.

End Parking Disagreements

Parking is a source of great tension – whether it’s a grocery store lot or a building’s private parking lot. Unfortunately, some visitors will take liberties and try to pull tricks like using spots that belong to others, or parking in disabled parking spots. Our concierge staff will enforce any on-site parking rules 24/7, allowing residents and visitors to enjoy a stress-free parking experience.

Customized Concierge Options

No two buildings are the same. That’s why your concierge security provider should be able to provide a customized security solution to fit your unique circumstances and budget. If you’re interested in hearing how our concierge services can help protect your building, contact us and we’ll be happy to chat.

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