Preparing Your Mall Security for a Potential ‘Second Wave’ of COVID-19

Unfortunately, COVID-19 cases are on the rise across Western Canada. As we move toward the fall and winter cold/flu season, now is the time to begin preparing malls and stores for potential restrictions coming down the line.

While it’s unlikely we’ll see widespread lockdowns again, public health experts have constantly reminded us of the important role individuals and businesses can play in preventing future outbreaks. For places of business such as malls, it’s important to cast an eye back at the lessons of the previous months of the pandemic. What measures have been taken? What could have been done better?

At Blackbird Security, we’ve taken a leading role in helping some of Canada’s biggest retail names keep their staff and customers safe during the pandemic. Here are some tips we’ve learned along the way, to help you prepare your mall or stores for a potential second wave.

Revisit Your Safety Plan

In certain jurisdictions, such as British Columbia, places of business can only remain open if they have a COVID-19 health and safety plan in place. WorkSafeBC are the body in charge or vetting these plans, and their website contains a wealth of information on the types of precautions needed. Now is the time to re-examine the plan that was created earlier this year. With the benefit of hindsight, look to the challenges and pain points in the plan, identifying areas for improvement. Perhaps certain staff members could benefit from additional training; maybe opening hours could be tweaked.

Invest in PPE Now

The early months of the pandemic were marked by shortages in the supply of personal protective equipment. PPE is invaluable in helping to keep your staff members safe and healthy. Without it, you run the risk of exposure, sick team members, and poor service. Protective equipment extends beyond masks, too. Would high traffic areas, such as checkouts, benefit from plexiglass screening? Do you need social distancing stickers for lineups? Invest in these measures now and get ahead of the pack.

Prepare for Restrictions

Future public health restrictions are likely to be laser focused on areas where safe business operation has been proven difficult. That being said, it’s wise to prepare in case business operations have to be quickly adapted. Create a plan for dealing with the worst-case scenario and communicate that plan to team members. This communication should extend to getting their input on aspects of the plan. It’s important to know if your team finds aspects of the plan unworkable or unsafe.

Hire the Experts

Blackbird Security has specialized in assisting malls and grocery stores across Western Canada handle the extra precautions needed during COVID-19. Leaning on our team members offers many benefits, such as best-in-class customer service and quality frontline support to assist with unwanted circumstances. It also clearly demonstrates to your customers you prioritize their health and safety.

Learn More

To learn more about how Blackbird Security can protect your employees and your business, get in touch with us. We are well-versed in providing mall security through COVID-19 and we are ready to discuss your needs.

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