Preparing for Pride

Security is important all year around, and throughout every season. But there are specific times when it becomes increasingly significant and security efforts have to be maximized. Businesses need to be extra aware of their security procedures and protocols during these periods of increased activity or busyness. One such time is Pride! The Vancouver Pride Festival takes place from July 29th - August 5th this year, which means that you’ve got a few days left to consider your security if you haven’t already! Pride is a great festival that brings a ton of vibrance and positive energy to the city, but it’s also very busy. And, as it generally goes, the busier things are, the more chance there is for a security issue to arise. Here are some things to remember when it comes to managing your security throughout Pride Week: 

Know Your Space

Maybe you already have an excellent security plan in place, or perhaps you haven’t fully consider security yet. Either way, take some time to really consider your physical space and layout. Whether you own a venue, boutique, restaurant or store, be sure to undertake a full analysis of your space. You should analyze entry and exit points and make note of any corners with reduced visibility or areas that have an obstructed view. For retail-based business, having additional security measures in place is important when things become busier and crowds increase, as instances of shoplifting and theft increase as well. If you have a full understanding of your space, including your weak or vulnerable points, then you can more effectively safeguard your business when increased security is required.

Control the Crowds

Crowd control is one of the most important considerations during events, festivals, holidays and exceptionally busy periods of time. A single event such as Pride can often bring thousands of additional people into a small area - areas that are not necessarily equipped with the infrastructure required to handle such crowds - and so safety becomes increasingly important.  Ensure that all of your staff or security guards are prepared to manage a crowd and are able to act with authority when needed. Depending on the nature of your business, it can be helpful to use physical control aids like barriers, stanchions, tape or pylons in order to guide crowds and manage potential lines. Be sure to clearly indicate your entry and exit points, and use clear signage throughout your store, venue or space.  With so many people flooding into the city all at once, make sure that you know your capacity limits, how to manage these limits, and what to do when limits have been reached or exceeded! If you don't usually have security guards on site, it may be worth considering temporarily as an extra precaution. 


Major holidays and festivals such as Pride can be chaotic, busy, fast-paced and place additional stress on local businesses. It’s important to create specific protocols and implement additional security measures if needed, and to clearly communicate all of these factors to staff members.  Make sure that everyone on your team is aware of the upcoming influx, and always ensure that staff know who exactly is in charge of each area or security procedure throughout the duration of the festival, event or holiday. In the case of an issue or unexpected problem, quick and clear communication can make all the difference! 

The Vancouver Pride Festival is an exciting week! It brings thousands of people into the city, which can be a great boost for local businesses. But it also means that additional security is needed. Take some time to consider your security and safety plans before Pride begins next week! If you need any additional help managing the crowds or protecting your assets, don’t hesitate to let us know. We’re always here to help!

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