Planning for Long-Term Success

Security is more important for your business now than ever. And what you’re not doing is sometimes just as important as what you are doing. Failing to plan with the long-term in mind can lead to substantial losses and issues for your business down the road. This weeks security do not: do not prioritize small, short-term gains over long-term success. Take a look at these three tips for long-term success:

Screen Effectively

One thing that many businesses do not do enough of is screening. It’s important to know exactly who is involved in your business and who has access to your information, data, assets and systems. When hiring, be sure to do a thorough background check on all new employees. This should include a background check, multiple reference checks, verification of any credentials or certifications and an in-depth interview process. This can require more time and resources currently, but will save you down the road.

You should also conduct a thorough check on any company that you employ for security systems or services. The security of your business is incredibly important, don’t leave it to a company that you haven’t researched. Be sure to look for reviews and testimonials from other clients, and verify any claims that your security company makes. From staff to security, it’s important to know who you’re dealing with. Only work with those that you’re sure you can trust and rely on.

Plan for Long-Term Stability

One of the biggest mistakes that many - if not most - companies make is waiting to prioritize security until a breach has already occurred. It’s easy to forget about security matters when things seem fine, but security should ideally be preventative rather than reactive. Preventing a security breach is much less damaging than trying to fix one after it has already occurred.

It’s easy to ignore or avoid the need for security planning, but when it comes to your business you should be investing in plans that are sustainable for the long-term. Not investing in security can seem to save money or time, but if you’re playing a long-term game then the costs associated with a security breach can be huge, and sometimes even irreversible. Prioritize your long term security and success rather than small short-term gains.


Like most things, a good and effective security plan requires maintenance. There are many factors to consider when it comes to the security of your business, and these factors can shift over time. What worked well a year or two ago may not be the most effective solution today. Technologies and IT systems advance quickly, as do other environmental and market-related factors. It’s important to stay observant and to adjust or improve your security plans as needed.

Maintenance can include routine checks to ensure that your systems are functioning properly and that all devices or technologies are in good working condition. It can also involve re-assessing your security needs on a regular basis. Every few months take a few minutes to consider what has been working well, what could potentially be improved on, and what, if any, new security threats have presented themselves. It’s also important to consider any ways in which your business has changed, and what additional security measures might be needed to account for these changes.

Implementing these tips can greatly improve the standing of your overall security on an ongoing basis. Keep the long-term in mind and don’t cut corners for short-term gains! If you have questions or need any assistance in implementing these suggestions, contact us today!

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