Patrol Security Case Study: Free Spirit Marine

Many of Blackbird Security’s clients need security presence at their site but their budget doesn’t allow for the presence of a full-time security officer. Our frontline patrol staff offer a cost-effective alternative, delivering all the value, without cutting corners on security.

Available throughout Alberta, British Columbia and Winnipeg, Manitoba, our Patrol Security professionals are available 24-hours a day, seven days a week. They are a proven deterrent against theft, vandalism and other threats to the security of a site. Here’s an example of how the service works for one of our clients.

Free Spirit Marine – Edmonton

Free Spirit Marine is an Edmonton-based independent marine dealership that offers fishing, fish & ski, recreational and utility boats. Like other businesses of their type, they represent a target for thieves and trespassers.  Upon meeting with the owners, we devised a tailored security patrol schedule that keeps the site safe, and criminals from knowing when we’re on patrol.

How it Works

Our team patrols the site randomly from dusk until dawn, watching out for intoxicated individuals, or those trying to steal boat parts. As part of their duties, they send daily reports of the previous night’s activity, broken down hour-by-hour. Our team also sends reports in real time, allowing the client an opportunity to follow the guards using advanced GPS tracking software.

The Result

Before we began our patrols at Free Spirit Marine, they had reported issues with individuals sleeping on-site, drug intoxication and theft of boat parts for resale. All of these issues have decreased in severity, with our guards providing a visible deterrent without the need to always be at the location.

Find Out More

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