Partner with Blackbird Security for Mall Security and Municipal/Civic Security

In the past few months, Blackbird Security has consulted regularly with our partners in retail and the public sector to hear the challenges they’re facing due to the pandemic. From our conversations, we have learned their private security needs are shifting to match these unprecedented times.

They want to partner with a professional security company who can keep their property secure, while also assisting with social distancing, increased hygiene and added safety protocols. At Blackbird Security, our multi-faceted approach to staff training makes us the perfect option in the “new normal.” We have partnered with retail giants such as MEC and Holt Renfrew during the pandemic, working with them to develop customer-focused solutions to the logistical challenges of operating safely in a pandemic.

Here are some examples of mall security and public sector security clients we have partnered with in recent weeks.

Driftwood Mall – Courtenay, BC

Blackbird Security is proud to announce our Tactical Security Guards have partnered with BentallGreenOak to provide security for Driftwood Mall. Located in beautiful Courtenay, BC, Driftwood Mall is home to 33 shops and services, covering everything from groceries, to electronics, fashion and jewellery.

Our mall security team act as the mall’s frontline security providers, conducting regular patrols and delivering a safe and secure environment for the community.

Sahali Mall – Kamloops, BC

We are proud to partner with Sahali Mall in Kamloops, BC. As a gathering place for the community, this mall is a heavy traffic area for our team and home to approximately 30 retailers of all shapes and sizes. Our retail security team offers a constant deterrence to theft at the mall, securing a safe and pleasant environment for customers and staff alike.

Why Partner with Blackbird for Mall Security?

From years of experience, we have built a keen understanding of the expectations retailers have of their mall security staff. That’s why we train our security guards to blend their security responsibilities with a customer-oriented approach.

We understand the unique nuances of a retail shopping mall environment and focus our best-in-class training to equip our security team to handle any situation. They are well versed in effective and friendly customer service, verbal de-escalation, and conflict reduction techniques.

We’re excited to partner with the City of Delta School Board on a call and response, mobile security patrol service. This popular security service works by providing our client with a phone number that directly connects to our mobile supervisor. Should an issue arise, our team is instantly dispatched and attends to the scene.

This service is perfect for clients who need an immediate mobile patrol security response 24/7.

Why Partner with Blackbird for Public Sector Security?

Municipalities and public sector bodies are some of the biggest land owners in Canada. Their property is sometimes viewed as a soft target and is often ill-protected against threats. At Blackbird Security, we understand budgets in this area can often be tight. That’s why we tailor our services to provide maximum protection for minimal cost.

Our teams are expertly trained in diffusing threats and providing a safe environment for visitors.

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