Partner With Blackbird for Educational Campus Security

This fall, Canadian educational institutions face a challenging landscape. Students are set to return to campus in their thousands, resuming in-person learning, moving back into dormitories and settling back into their old lives. This move will take place amid a rise in violence and security threats against campuses across our country. Fortunately, there’s still time to put a robust educational security plan in place, and Blackbird Security is your number one choice to provide the peace of mind you need.

A Track Record of Educational Campus Security Success

Providing professional security services on educational campuses presents unique challenges. These multi-functional facilities aren’t just places of learning. They’re also places where people live, work, shop and seek entertainment. To operate within this environment, security guards require well-rounded, comprehensive training. The goal for educational security guards is not to intimidate those on campus, but to serve as safety ambassadors while fostering safe and secure learning spaces for students and teachers.

At Blackbird Security, we currently provide security guards to the University of British Columbia Robson Street Campus, seasonal loss prevention officers at UBC’s main campus bookstore, event security guards for the City of Surrey school district, as well as mobile security patrols and emergency response to the City of Delta School District. This track record of excellence has equipped us with the expertise to provide discreet and effective protection at campuses anywhere in Canada.

How We Train our Educational Security Guards

The fact is, most interactions a security guard has on campus are customer-centric. This requires a level of sensitivity and training above and beyond other places of business. Through our pioneering Blackbird Security Academy training school, we equip our guards with a comprehensive training program that achieves this goal. Each of our campus security guards undergoes Occupational First Aid (OFA) training, conflict resolution training, trauma informed training and cultural sensitivity training. Not only will our guards provide world class security services, they’re also a welcoming, customer-service oriented presence in your space.

Ways Our Campus Security Guards Can Support Your Educational Institution

Educational campuses are diverse and geographically distinct places. Through our initial consultation, we’ll establish the most common threats your campus faces, while also doing our own security and risk assessment. We’ll then tailor a custom security plan to the unique needs of your educational campus. The types of services we offer to educational clients include:

  • Mobile Patrol Security
  • Liaison with local law enforcement
  • Enforcement of campus by-laws and regulations
  • Campus access control
  • Event security
  • Crowd control
  • Risk assessment
  • Safe Walking Programs

Campus Security – Partner with Blackbird Security

At Blackbird Security we pride ourselves on providing campus security to learning institutions of all shapes and sizes across Canada. If you need assistance with security solutions for a campus or learning institution, we’d love to hear from you! Get in touch with us today!

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