Now is the Time to Plan Event Security for the Year

We know, we know… The busy December event season has only just passed and event planners are likely still enjoying a relaxed start to the new year. January is typically low key for those involved in the event business but it’s also the perfect time to plan out your event security needs for 2020.

The event calendar is a cyclical one, especially in Canada. Post-Christmas, there’s a lull as we collectively hunker down to wait out the dreary weather. Once spring has sprung things tend to get hectic fast. Don’t waste this valuable time you could be spending ensuring this year’s events are the best ever. Let’s take a look at some of the security planning steps you can take now, to maximize your chances of success this year.

It Starts with Logistics

Event planners are detail oriented superstars. They handle pressure like no other and they’re skilled at spinning multiple plates in the air at one time. Their one blind spot tends to centre on security. There’s a tendency to skimp on this aspect, especially if the event has occurred several times without running into any issues. Does your planned venue have on-site security? If not, have you considered hiring an expert team? Not only will they keep your event secure, they’ll also provide a reassuring and welcoming point of contact for attendees.

Know Your Venue

As security experts, we place huge importance on knowing the venue and what to expect. You should be aware of all the main points of entry, as well as any secluded places people could sneak in. Hiring a security team to assist with your event means you’ll have access to their expertise in advance. Allot time to meet with them and go over floor plans and sensitive areas such as coat check, cash registers and other potential venues for crime. Once a security plan is in place, share it with your team so everyone is working toward one goal.

Crowd Control

Each year in Vancouver a massive crowd gathers on Sunset Beach to celebrate the 4/20 event. This gathering isn’t licensed by the City of Vancouver, yet it generally passes off without any major issues. The event planners understand the numbers they’ll likely attract and utilize items such as barriers, stanchions and pylons to direct the flow of traffic. How many people are you expecting to attend your events? Plan so they will enjoy a safe experience using physical control aids and clear signage. Have a plan in place for how to react when your event reaches capacity. It’s a nice problem to have, but one that can cause major problems if it isn’t handled correctly.

Have a Communications Plan

Executing events is thrilling and mildly chaotic. What separates great event planners from the rest is their ability to minimize this chaos and handle it. One of the secrets to achieving this goal is to have a clearly defined communications plan in place. Place walkie-talkies with key staff and clearly define who is in charge of what and where. Have an evacuation plan in place that all staff are aware of and don’t forget to stage as much of a dry run as possible in advance.

Hire the Experts

Having professional security staff on site during the event - or before the event in order to undertake an audit and create a plan - is a great way to mitigate risk and focus more on the event itself. Blackbird Security are Western Canada’s event security specialists. Contact us and we will be happy to help!

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