Now is the Time to Consider Your Post COVID-19 Security Plan

While it may seem agonizingly far away, one day soon we’ll return to normality and leave many of the hallmarks of COVID-19 life behind. For prudent business and property owners, now is the time to begin planning for life post-pandemic. A crucial area to account for is your security plan.

Truth is, the pandemic has changed the world as we knew it. In our new and unstable reality, private security guards like our frontline heroes at Blackbird Security have supported the effort of essential workers and proved key to the functioning of our economies. We’ve been delighted to see these hardworking security guards get the recognition they deserve for their efforts. 

Just as we’ve experienced a sea of change in private security, companies in many industries have seen the way they operate rapidly changing. Though we aren’t out of the woods yet, it’s key to put plans in place for a return to normality towards the end of 2021 that account for these changing circumstances. 

The good news is, you don’t need to embark on this process alone. At Blackbird Security, we’re standing by to put a security plan in place to meet the specific needs of your property or business. To provide some inspiration, here are some key aspects to consider for your Post-COVID Security Plan.

Review Your Security Coverage

The world has changed in so many ways since the World Health Organization announced the COVID-19 pandemic. With cities emptying out and work from home becoming the norm, property crimes such as break-ins and theft grew in the early days of the pandemic. As we return to normality, services like uniformed security guards, concierge security and mobile patrol will become essential in providing a safe and secure environment for staff and visitors to return to. 

Does your current security solution match up to these changing circumstances? If not, we’d love to partner with you to improve it.

Integrating Security Technology

Blackbird Security believes in integrating technology into our clients’ security solutions to achieve better protection outcomes. All of our security guards use our mobile GPS tracking app which allows our clients and managers live access to patrol routes, guard attendance and placement, as well as incident reports, pictures and many other forms of data.

We can install and monitor any kind of CCTV camera system and set up and monitor various alarm systems. Our 24/7 mobile dispatch center monitors all emergency calls and dispatches our mobile patrol units to attend scenes and deal with the threats immediately. We would love to meet you and discuss our various security technologies and how they can help us better protect your business or property.

Increased Demand

Once vaccines become ubiquitous this summer, we’re going to experience increased footfall and demand in almost every sector of our economy. Shoppers will return to malls, our airports will become crowded once more, and business as usual will resume at warehouses and construction sites. Many of these industries have employed a slimmed down security presence during COVID, but this will rapidly change as we progress through 2021. As security companies have finite resources, it’s crucial to ensure your situation is resolved early.

If you need to ramp up your security guard presence, now is the time to begin planning. 

The Return of Events

Once we’re given the all-clear to resume in-person interactions, the events industry is likely to enter a boom period. Pent up demand will meet a wave of individual enthusiasm, meaning everything from concerts to exhibitions will come roaring back. 

In these early days, event venues will be willing to cut big deals to secure new business. There’s an opportunity to secure a great deal if you’re willing to move quickly. Part of this equation involves event security. Many security companies have shifted their usual event security guards into other roles. The earlier you can lock in their presence the more success you’ll have.

Contingency Plan for Future Crises

One of the side effects of COVID-19 was highlighting our collective unpreparedness for a major crisis. As a society, we simply can’t let this happen again. As the COVID-19 crisis recedes, contingency planning should begin that will insulate your business or property from the next big event. Start by considering the unique characteristics of your setting. If your business is based in BC, do you have an earthquake or wildfire plan in place? In Alberta, are you prepared for extreme weather events? 

While we can’t predict the future, the old saying “Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail” comes to mind.

Find Out More

As Canada’s fastest growing security company, Blackbird Security is ready to partner with you to meet your unique security needs. With branches in Vancouver, Victoria, Kelowna, Edmonton, Calgary, Regina, Saskatoon and Winnipeg, we have you covered anywhere in Western and Central Canada. If you have any questions about our professional security services, or how Blackbird Security can help protect your business or property, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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