New Year's Eve Security Tips for a Safe Event

New Year’s Eve – it’s the biggest party night of the year, rife with celebration, excitement, lots of alcohol and plenty of opportunities for dangerous situations to develop. It’s a night security businesses spend a lot of time and effort preparing for, with those plans being put to the test in multiple ways on December 31st.

Developing an Action Plan

Planning for New Year’s Eve should follow your usual security planning process with allowance for extra numbers, more resources and a closer eye on the behavior of guests. Unfortunately, it’s a night where many people, who don’t usually party hard, can find themselves drinking a lot of alcohol in a short period of time. To help prepare you and your venue, here are some considerations when putting together your New Year’s Eve security plan.

Watch Your Capacity Limits

New Year’s Eve is a night when most bars, restaurants and night clubs are operating at, or close to, their capacity. While the temptation exists to cram as many revelers in as possible, you must keep strictly to your capacity or else things could quickly go wrong. For starters, your team will be overstretched and won’t be able to provide adequate service to attendees. It’s also impossible to keep an eye out for potential issues when the venue is stretched beyond capacity.

Watch the Alcohol Service

While we all want the cash registers heaving at the end of the night, venues also have a responsibility not to over serve alcohol to their guests. Earlier, we mentioned how many revelers can find themselves over intoxicated on nights like New Years Eve. Instruct staff to keep a close eye on how much attendees have drunk. If they are clearly intoxicated it’s advised to stop serving them. Instead, try to get them hydrated with water and ensure they are being looked after and not in any danger.

Keep Entrances and Exits Clear

Even if you’re anticipating extra attendees, it’s a security must to keep the entrances and exits clear of any blockages. This will make it easier for people to move around, prevent any crowds from forming, and make life easier for your team if they need to remove any attendees quickly. At the end of the night, it will also ensure guests are able to leave with minimum fuss.

Minimizing Any Possible Drink Driving

Drink driving is never, under any circumstances, ok. While it’s impossible to physically prevent every attendee from getting behind the wheel, there are steps to take to discourage those who may be tempted. Start by offering a designated driver program where soft drinks and water are available for free to those who identify as drivers. Call local cab companies to notify them of the event and the likely finishing time. This makes sure there are cabs freely available to those who need them.

Visible Security Presence

Nothing deters any troublemakers like a visible security presence. Trained security staff should be posted at the entrance and exit, with instructions to keep an eye on any potential issues that may crop up. Ensure regular sweeps of the venue are completed and that staff are available to assist attendees if any issues arise. A customer-first mindset is always recommended for these frontline security staff. Interested in partnering with Blackbird Security for your next event? We’d be happy to assist.

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