Mobile Patrol Security – Now Available in Toronto

Mobile Patrol Security is one of Blackbird’s most popular security services, and we are excited to announce it’s now available to clients across Southern Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area.

Mobile Patrol Security is a cutting-edge service that offers comprehensive and cost-effective security coverage to a rapidly growing number of Blackbird Security clients. We deploy our Toronto Mobile Patrols entirely at our clients’ wishes, covering pre-arranged patrol routes on a randomized schedule. These patrols can be tailored whatever way our clients like. The randomized presence of our guards acts as a powerful visual deterrent to criminal behaviour, providing a sufficient barrier to prevent most crimes of opportunity. Our team can also act as a rapid response should any incidents occur.

Introducing TrackTik Technology

Our Toronto Mobile Patrol Security service utilizes the power of TrackTik technology to work smarter, more efficiently, and all while covering more ground. The app works by using GPS to ping designated points along a pre-determined patrol route.

These pings can be tracked in real time via an app or live dashboard, allowing our management team and clients to watch the progress of security patrols in real time. We can see a map of their location, track incident reports, and share critical details like pictures and diagrams from the field instantly. Blackbird Security clients really appreciate the real-time email or text message notifications they receive about incidents, and the daily summary reports they receive.

How Our Toronto Mobile Patrols Can Be Used

As we referenced earlier, our Mobile Patrol Security service can be tailored to suit our clients’ individual needs. Using our distinctive Blackbird Security-branded vehicles, our uniformed security guards patrol interior or exterior routes, paying special attention to any high-risk areas we’re alerted to.

During our initial consultation period, we collaborate with our clients to identify specific tasks our mobile guards can assist with. To give an idea of how other clients utilize this assistance, our team can check and maintain security systems, check the integrity of locks and barriers, audit lighting and other environmental factors – all before delivering a detailed report of their finding.

Toronto Alarm Response

If that’s too comprehensive, many of our clients request mobile patrol security on standby to respond quickly to alarms or other specific triggers. This is a request we are happy to accommodate. Once they have established the root cause of the alarm, our mobile patrol team is highly trained to take the correct course of action to rectify the situation. We’re proud of our track record in delivering Canada’s most comprehensive security training program. It gives us complete confidence in our security guard’s ability to handle any scenario they may face.

Discover our Toronto Mobile Patrol Security Service

Ready to discuss your unique mobile patrol security needs? If you have any questions about our professional security services, or how Blackbird Security can help protect your business don’t hesitate to contact us.

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