MEC Partnership Highlights the Importance of Technology in Crime Prevention

When we talk about crime with our clients, we often refer to it as an arms race. Criminals are constantly on the lookout for new and savvy ways to bypass security features. As a result, we must constantly strive to find innovations and technological solutions to stay ahead of the game. In today’s blog, we want to highlight how innovative CCTV solutions are helping to fight crime at one of our national partners, Mountain Equipment Company.

MEC are one of Canada’s leading national retailers. As a result, they face constant threat from shoplifters and other crime across their portfolio of 21 stores nationwide. Blackbird Security has partnered with security technology firm, Aventyr Technologies, to install the latest cloud-based surveillance and access control products across their stores.

Using Technology to Fight Back Against Retail Theft

Technology is an increasingly important tool in our armory in the fight against crime. Without a robust CCTV camera system, detectors and alarms, businesses are left to fight crime with one arm tied behind their back. At MEC, our partnership with Aventyr Technologies will lead to the installation of Canada’s most sophisticated and modern integrated loss prevention program.

Our Loss Prevention Officers and Security Guards can now rely on the latest technology to perform their roles, with camera footage monitored from our sophisticated command centre in Vancouver that’s staffed by our Blackbird Security Response Centre Specialists. Through our Blackbird Academy training school, these sophisticated security professionals are highly trained in the latest CCTV monitoring and incident response protocols.

The Importance of our Response Centre Specialists

We often use our blog to highlight the amazing work done by our security guards in the field, but our Response Centre Specialists are just as important in the fight against retail crime. These highly trained security professionals are responsible for monitoring and maintaining CCTV camera systems, fire alarms, card access, intrusion detection, mechanical alarms and panic alarm systems nationwide, while responding accordingly and professionally in a timely manner.

Blending security responsibilities with technological know-how, they also perform system checks on equipment and software applications to recognize and correct problems, while promptly reporting any concerns to our clients and business partners.

Round the Clock Protection our Clients Deserve

Crime doesn’t take time off. That’s why our Response Centre is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This level of service provides the peace of mind and security our clients expect, and we’re proud to offer this level of service to an increasing number of Blackbird Security clients.

Learn More About our CCTV Installation Services

Blackbird Security is Canada’s leading provider for CCTV installation. Our team of security technology experts have years of relevant experience working with clients of all sizes in all business sectors, utilizing advanced security technology solutions to protect them from crime. Learn More about this cutting-edge service and find out how our turnkey, integrated security solutions will protect your property round the clock.

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