Make Time for a Security Audit this Year

When was the last time you conducted a security audit on your business?

Whether you’ve enjoyed rapid growth, or things are holding steady, a security audit should be considered a semi-regular occurrence for any well-run business. These audits examine every aspect of a company’s security, probing for weak points before providing a threat and risk assessment report. They offer recommendations for the path forward, and how a business can protect themselves against growing threats.

In this week’s blog, we’re looking at the benefits of conducting a security audit in your business.

Cost Effective Protection

As business owners ourselves, we realize how easy it is to label an expense as unnecessary and save some money on budgets. Not conducting a security audit due to cost can end up costing a business untold money in the long run through theft, loss of productivity and the other after affects of crime. An audit can also uncover new efficiencies in your security protocols, minimizing waste on outdated or ineffective practices.

A Health Check for Your Processes

Criminals are some of the most resourceful and innovative people out there. Even if your processes have proven robust at preventing crime in the past, it’s no indicator they’ll be strong going forward. A team skilled at Security Audits (like Blackbird Security) is up to date on the latest threats your business faces and can provide advice on how to tighten up your processes to prevent the latest advances in crime.

How Robust is Your IT Security?

Nowhere is the security arms race being fought more fiercely than in the area of IT Security. Software to hack into businesses is easier to access than ever before and new attack vectors are identified monthly. Of all the areas of your business that may be vulnerable, IT security is something that should be audited frequently. As part on IT Security Audit, advanced software is used to try to penetrate into a business’ systems, mimicking the kind of attack carried out by a hacker. At Blackbird, we are experts in cyber security and are standing by to assist with business cyber security needs.

Solution Focused

A well-executed security audit should be considered the first step in the security process. It will likely deliver several takeaways for a business to carry out to action the recommendations. This will likely touch on aspects such as physical security at the business location, how to make existing security systems more robust and how to ensure the business remains in compliance with government and industry regulations.

Let Blackbird Security Help

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