Will Retail Security Services be Essential after COVID-19?

As non-essential businesses gradually reopen over the next few weeks and months, we want to highlight the importance of retail security services. Provinces have begun to unveil plans to resume economic activity in various sectors, though the timelines vary. This week, Manitoba opened non-essential businesses. In Alberta, some health services also reopened, and non-essential businesses are expected to open on May 14th. In BC, we have yet to learn when non-essential businesses will reopen. 

COVID-19 impacted provinces differently, and so it makes sense that plans to resume normal life will vary. However there are some things we can expect to see across the country. Similarities include maintaining a 2 meter distance between workers and customers, increased sanitation procedures, and continued use of masks and protective equipment. There will also be strict rules about occupancy. For example, in Manitoba, non-essential businesses must only operate at 50% capacity. We can expect that this restriction will apply to other provinces as well. Because of this, retail security services will play an important role to ensure that guidelines are followed. 

Retail Security Services Do More than Reduce Theft 

Uniformed guards act as a deterrent against retail theft. While this is important, loss prevention is not all that retail security services do. Our uniformed guards are trained in quality customer service and effective in crowd control management as well as incident de-escalation. 

Crowd control will be a necessary measure, given the restrictions on maintaining a 2 meter distance. Inside the store, your staff will be busy on the floor assisting customers. Our trained guards will ensure that physical distancing is respected while shoppers go about their business. Outside the store, it will be essential to have additional support with trained guards to manage entry and keep a head count. Let your own staff do what they do best, and let us provide retail security services to relieve the additional stress. 

As businesses open with restrictions, incidents will likely occur. There will probably be customers who refuse to cooperate with social distancing. This will be a risk to public health and to the safety of other customers. When incidents do arise, our guards will de-escalate the situation in a professional way. They are fully trained in nonviolent intervention and will keep your customers and staff safe. 

Blackbird Security Has the Expertise

Throughout the lockdown, our team has provided additional security services for essential businesses that have remained open. For example, at pharmacies and grocery stores, we wipe down commonly touched surfaces and keep track of how many customers are in the store. We have the experience and expertise to navigate the security complexities that COVID-19 has ushered in. Now we are ready to protect your retail store when the time comes to reopen. 

If you have any questions about how to improve your security, get in touch with us. We operate across B.C., Alberta and Manitoba, and are ready to assist you.

Work With Us

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