Key Tips to Improve Warehouse Security

How Secure is Your Warehouse?

Security is something that’s taken on greater importance in recent months. Companies across Canada are facing tight budgets and losses due to theft could be catastrophic. Warehouses are full of valuable stock and equipment. For thieves, it represents a tempting target.

Increase Your Warehouse Security

Try to visualize the common thief that steals from a warehouse. Often, it’s not who you think it is. In fact, in-house theft is an issue that plagues warehouses worldwide and it’s crucial you factor it into your security plans.

Here are some simple actions to take to improve your warehouse security and keep losses to a minimum. With budgets tight, we’ve tried to base our suggestions on things that won’t break the bank. At Blackbird Security, we tailor our private security services to meet the unique needs and budget of our clients. If you’re looking to improve your security options, why not work with Western Canada’s fastest growing security provider?

Tips to Improve Your Warehouse Security

Staff Background Checks

Unfortunately, not all staff can be trusted. Before hiring a member of your warehouse team consider running background checks. This process will weed out anyone with a connection to criminal behaviour. It’s also vital to ensure only authorized individuals have access to your warehouse. Consider limiting access only to those who need to be there.

Staff Identification

Warehouses have a lot of comings and goings in a typical day. Distinguish your staff from outsiders by implementing a clear uniform or name badges so they’re easily identifiable. Visitors should have to sign in so you know who has been on the premises and when they’ve been there.


Mirrors will likely already be in place for safety reasons but they’re also a valuable tool for security reasons. Convex mirrors placed in blind spots, or areas out of view, act as another deterrent to theft. It’s an example of crime prevention by environmental design in action.

Entry Points

When they aren’t in use, all doors and windows should be secured and locked. Task a dependable member of your team with ensuring compliance with this request.  Consider implementing a keycard system or electronic tags for access to sensitive areas of the warehouse. This will have the added bonus of letting you know who was in these areas and when.

Security Guards

Leave it to the professionals. Blackbird Security offers a range of flexible options to suit every budget. Warehouses are perfect for our innovative Mobile Patrol Service which guarantees coverage to suit your needs without breaking the bank. We’d be happy to discuss a tailored plan to suit the needs of your warehouse property.

Partner with Blackbird Security for Warehouse Security

If your warehouse is considering hiring security guards to implement Covid-19 safety measures or help keep your warehouse secure, don’t hesitate to reach out. We provide security services to businesses all across BC, Alberta, Winnipeg and Saskatchewan.

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