It’s Always a Good Time to Carry Out a Security Audit

A security audit is like a health check for your security systems. It’s a process used by security professionals to investigate and analyze your business or property, probing for weak points in your security before delivering actionable feedback on how to fix your weaknesses.

At Blackbird Security, we’re often asked what type of businesses are suitable for a security audit and when they should be carried out. Security audits are recommended for commercial properties, office buildings, condo buildings, warehouses and industrial settings – and it’s always a good time to carry out a security audit. Not only will it improve the safety of the property for visitors and residents, it will also save money resulting from theft and damage prevention.

If you’re considering a security audit, Blackbird Security is standing by to assist.

Here are five reasons why a security audit can help your business or property.

Safety First

Your number one priority as an employer or building manager is the safety and security of those within your property. A security audit allows a trained security professional to physically walk through your space while looking for vulnerabilities and safety threats. What if anyone could walk in off the street and into your office space? Not only would this individual have access to sensitive company equipment, they could also have access to the people within.

Data Protection

As more of our personal and professional lives migrate online, a physical security audit can help identify gaps in your IT and data protection. Companies are responsible for the data they collect, so it’s vital to ensure robust security protections are in place. This doesn’t just involve keeping passwords updated; a security audit will also look at screen privacy, USB policies, firewalls, and other potential weaknesses that can be exploited.

Retaining Trust

In certain industries, a security breach could prove fatal to the long-term prospects of a business. There’s no room for error, and there’s certainly no room for complacency. A security audit is the type of due diligence any savvy business leader or property manager should be considering to get ahead of any issues before they become a problem. If you’re proud of your company’s spotless security track record, it’s all the more reason to invest in its continuation.

Understand the Threats You Face

The threats your business or property faces are multi-faceted, and you may not be aware of many of them. Physical threats can come from your own internal staff, or from people outside the organization such as visitors, contractors, or the general public. A security audit will look at the industry you work in, common threats, whether your location is prone to natural disasters, or your risk of industrial disasters. Many business or property owners are too involved in the day-to-day operation of their enterprise to step back and fully understand their threats.

Solutions Oriented Advice

A well-executed security audit should be considered the first step in the security process. It will deliver several takeaways for a business to carry out to action the recommendations. This will likely touch on aspects such as physical security at the business location, how to make existing security systems more robust and how to ensure the business remains in compliance with government and industry regulations.

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