Is Your Business Open? 3 Reasons Why You Need Retail Store Security

As businesses re-open, the importance of retail store security has never been greater. With more stores open, crowds are gathering in increasing numbers. The Provincial Health Officer says to maintain social distance, however it’s not clear whether the masses will continue to respect the order. For retail stores, this is especially problematic; the safety of owners, staff and customers is at risk. This week on the blog, we highlight 3 reasons why retail store security is more important now than ever. If you’re a business owner, read on. 

Reason 1 to Use Retail Store Security: Enforced Social Distancing

The message from Dr. Bonnie Henry is clear: if we want to combat COVID-19, we must maintain a 2-meter distance from anyone outside of our household. The more people that venture out to the shops, the more difficult it will be to maintain social distance. With increased physical proximity comes a higher risk to exposure, and the threat of a longer economic recovery period. 

Although it’s in our collective best interest to maintain social distance, it’s likely that not everyone will respect the recommendations. Our security team is fully equipped to protect you, your staff and fellow customers from unnecessary exposure to COVID-19. We do this by monitoring entry points in order to limit store occupancy. Fewer people in the store means a greater distance between shoppers and staff. This reduces potential exposure to the virus. 

Reason 2 to Use Retail Store Security: Increased Sanitation Practices

Better hygiene and disinfection practices are strongly encouraged to limit the spread of germs. In the past two months, we’ve all practiced better handwashing techniques to help limit the spread of COVID-19. However, as a business owner, you cannot safely assume that every customer walking through your door is germ-free. It is your responsibility to make sure that commonly-touched surfaces are disinfected effectively and regularly. 

Let your own staff spend time handling customer requests directly, and our retail store security team can ensure that a clean work and shopping environment is maintained. This service is a value-add to your security package. Chances are, shoppers will be more likely to come by if they know you’re taking this responsibility seriously. We have already proven what a difference this makes at stores like IGA. 

Reason 3 to Use Retail Store Security: Loss Prevention

Shoplifting is a major problem for retail store owners, even in the best of times. With the recession from COVID-19, shoplifting will no doubt increase. Our highly trained loss prevention staff are experts in retail loss prevention, shrinkage reduction and non-violent crisis intervention. We offer uniformed and undercover loss prevention officers as an effective deterrent to theft. Moreover, our loss prevention officers are fully trained in customer service. This makes them an even greater asset to your business. 

We understand that these are tough economic times. Although hiring retail store security adds an expense, it is a responsible business decision. Not only does it benefit your own staff and customers, but it protects your business in the long-run. 

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