Introducing Blackbird Academy – Canada’s Number 1 Security Training School

An important aspect of our culture at Blackbird Security is employee empowerment. We’re committed to providing the training our staff need to excel in their roles, earn promotions, and further their security careers – whether it’s with Blackbird or in law enforcement. One of our main ways of achieving this goal is our industry leading Blackbird Academy training program.

Investing in Employee Success

At any company, the employees are the number one asset. They are frontline ambassadors for your brand. When they excel in their roles, the company thrives. That’s why we used our years of security experience to pioneer Canada’s leading security training program. Our vision is that of a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary training program that equips our guards with the know-how to safely handle any scenario.

With the fast-changing world of security bringing additional responsibilities for security guards (customer service, health checks etc), we continuously review our curriculum, adding new specialized modules as needed.

Each graduate of Blackbird Academy leaves equipped with the tools and skills needed for a long and fulfilling career in security. During their training, they are paired with a training manager and an instructor that provides regular feedback, check-ins and advice throughout the training.

Bringing Security and Customer Service Together

A key focus in Blackbird Academy is in the area of customer service. Why is that important for a security guard? For starters, most of the interactions a security guard has in their day-to-day role are with the general public. They’re answering questions, providing directions, and lending a hand in dealing with customers.

When we look at the key ingredients of customer service, we find so much overlap with professional security guards. Appearance, vigilance, communication skills and knowledge are all useful traits in good customer service, and they’re all key skills for a security guard to possess.

That’s why each security guard at Blackbird Security receives the following dedicated training:

  • Customer service training
  • Incident de-escalation training
  • Conflict resolution training
  • John’s mental health training
  • Occupational first aid training

Blackbird Academy – Training Modules

For some companies, a basic security guard license is all they require for a security guard to begin work. For us, it’s the minimum qualification needed to enter Blackbird Academy. We view security as a highly skilled and rewarding career path, and it’s our goal to equip our guards to face the ever-changing challenges in the field.

Our dedicated training modules include:

  • Basic and Advanced Security Training (BST and AST)
  • Security Report Writing and Incident Reporting 101 and 201
  • Cultural Sensitivity Training
  • Trauma Informed Practice Training
  • Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) Training
  • Indigenous Awareness 201


Furthering Your Career

Something we’re extremely proud of at Blackbird Security is how many of our security guards go on to careers in law enforcement or corrections. For us, this validates the training we have provided. Blackbird Academy isn’t where the training ends, either. We work with staff to identify relevant training courses they believe will further enhance their training and help them upskill. We even provide funding for some of these courses.

It’s our future goal to incorporate these programs into Blackbird Academy.

How to Apply

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