How Vancouver Concierge Security Makes Residents Feel Safer

In the cut throat world of Vancouver real estate, buildings that offer Vancouver concierge services are enjoying increased demand, and greater prices. As Canada’s real estate market continues to soar, building managers are seeking ways to set their buildings apart from the pack. The decision to offer front desk security is one of the most effective ways to achieve this goal.

Whether you’re offering commercial space or high-rise condominiums, tenants expect the latest in comfortable amenities, modern facilities and competitive rates. Investing in a Vancouver concierge demonstrates your commitment to the safety and security of the space. It’s even becoming a massive selling point in clinching the deal.

Hiring a Vancouver Concierge is Good for Business

Hiring a Vancouver Concierge is a cost-effective addition to your building, that will pay for itself in several ways. Not only will the front desk security guard protect your investment, and those within it, they also perform several valuable administrative duties that lead to savings in other areas. For starters, Blackbird Security’s concierges are equally adept at handling packages, answering phones, and directing members of the public around the building.

They’re also trained to act as fire marshals in the event of an emergency, and administer the health and safety policies of your building. They shine a spotlight that says to criminals that this building is well protected, and any illegal activity will be detected.

Typical Duties of a Vancouver Concierge

If you’re considering investing in Vancouver concierge services, these flexible security professionals can be counted on to perform several detailed and wide-ranging tasks. Duties can include:

  • Greeting/Checking-in visitors
  • Upholding building rules and regulations
  • Property surveillance
  • CCTV monitoring
  • Alarm response
  • Customer service for building occupants
  • Incident report writing
  • Package handling
  • Frontline security response
  • Property walk throughs
  • Protection against theft, accidents and fires

Types of Vancouver Concierge Services We Offer

Depending on the type of building you manage, our Vancouver concierge services can protect you in different ways. Here are some of the common types of buildings we service with front desk security in Vancouver:

Vancouver Residential Concierge

Whether it’s a condo building, strata, gated community or vacation destination, our residential concierge services are perfect for providing effective security. Thanks to their comprehensive training in conflict resolution and customer service, our Vancouver concierge team are skilled at handling common residential issues such as noise complaints, parties, or assisting with moving day.

Vancouver Office Concierge

As businesses step up their return to work plans this spring, office concierge security can ease the transition with a warm and reassuring welcome. They are trained at handling COVID-19 enforcement, alongside ensuring building policies are strictly followed. They will act as frontline ambassadors for your business, presenting themselves immaculately for visitors.

Vancouver Commercial Concierge

If you manage a commercial property, our concierge security team are second-to-none at preventing crime. They are trained to monitor CCTV cameras, safeguard keys, and enforce your building policies with minimum fuss. In the event of a worst-case scenario, their training allows them to provide frontline first aid assistance, or even act as fire marshal in an evacuation scenario.

Thinking of Hiring Vancouver Concierge Security? Work with Blackbird Security

Concierge security has never played a more important role in commercial and residential properties. If you own a residential property (such as an apartment complex) or a commercial property (such as an office building or mall) and don’t have concierge security, it’s time to work with Blackbird Security.

If you have questions about whether hiring a concierge service is right for your property, contact us today. We are happy to answer any inquiries you may have. Our roster of Vancouver Concierge staff are ready to be at your service!

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