How To Keep Your Edmonton Retail Store Secure With Mobile Security

For business owners in Edmonton, it’s now more important than ever to consider adopting increased retail security solutions. In June of 2023, Edmonton’s Chief of Police spoke out about the city’s rising crime rates, calling attention to an increase in thefts and robberies. Edmonton retail businesses, especially small businesses, are increasingly turning to security providers to help combat incidents of shoplifting, breaking and entering, and vandalism. One solution that businesses are increasingly turning to is mobile patrol security. 

What is Mobile Patrol Security?

Mobile patrol security is a highly effective way to ensure the protection of your store both during and outside of business hours. Mobile security guards patrol in highly visible marked security vehicles in order to deter potential incidents. They perform checks to ensure that store property and access points remain secure and undamaged. 

Edmonton mobile patrol security helps Edmonton retail security

How Does Mobile Security Work?

Mobile security guards perform site checks to ensure that everything is secure at the store and throughout the property. They check access points including front and back entrances, assess for property damage and maintenance issues, address any trespassers or loiterers, and monitor for suspicious activity around the store. 

If any issues are found, mobile security guards report their findings through Blackbird Security’s Tracktik portal. If a serious security incident is occurring or has already occurred at the time of patrol, the mobile security guard will take action appropriately. 

Advantages of Mobile Security

Mobile patrols are incredibly flexible and are available during any time of the day or night. If a store owner is aware of any hours where security incidents tend to occur, patrols can be scheduled during that window of time. Mobile patrols can additionally be conducted on a randomized schedule. This provides an element of deterrence as potential criminals will not be able to ascertain the ideal time to perform a security check.

As mobile patrol guards conduct patrols in vehicles, they’re able to cover a large amount of ground during a single night. This makes them optimal for store owners who require multiple properties to be visited in one day or night.

Mobile Security Is Cost Effective

Since mobile security guards visit stores on a schedule, the cost of coverage is far less than a static uniformed security guard. This is an advantage for stores that need coverage but don’t have the budget for static security. 

Mobile Patrol Security Provides Complete Overnight Coverage

Criminals often commit crimes outside of business hours, and stores need to have a plan of action in place should a crime occur overnight. In the event of a triggered alarm, the nearest Blackbird Security mobile patrol guard will be deployed by our 24/7 Control Centre team. This allows for complete coverage at all hours of the night, providing valuable peace of mind for store owners.

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Partner With Edmonton’s Best Retail Security Provider

Given the rise in crime throughout the area, the importance of retail security in Edmonton cannot be overstated. Having worked with clients in Edmonton for several years, we at Blackbird Security are familiar with the city’s challenges as well as its strengths. We understand our Edmonton clients’ retail security needs and we’re proud to provide premium mobile patrol security services to all our retail clients in the area. 

In addition to mobile patrol security in Edmonton, we provide the following services to our clients: 

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