How to Keep Your Campus Safe

When it comes to school campuses, maintaining a high level of safety is a top priority. Common risks and threats are an inevitable part of your average university campus – which is why it’s important to implement security measures, to ensure the safety of students and staff, and to provide a safe environment for all.

With rising crime rates in many Western Canadian university cities, it is vital that campuses take proactive steps to ensure the safety of their educational communities. At Blackbird Security, we want to ensure that every element of your safety plan is functional and well-practised. That’s why, in this article, we will discuss some strategies for keeping your campus safe, from increasing and implementing security measures to educating students about their surroundings.

Mobile Patrol Services

The presence of mobile patrol services on your campus can be a great deterrent against any potential criminal activity. Depending on the level of security required, mobile patrols guards can patrol your campus more frequently than traditional security guards and they are able to cover a larger area. They can also promote better communication with students by providing appropriate advice on safety and security matters.

Additionally, mobile patrol officers provide unparalleled response times if safety is compromised. They are not only able to monitor places of interest across the campus, but they can also patrol its boundaries, act as deterrents, investigate suspicious behaviour, and alert authorities promptly when needed. Investing in mobile patrol services for your campus is an effective way to always keep it safe. Other useful services that campus security provide are:

Security Safety Ambassadors

Security safety ambassadors can be a great asset to keeping your campus safe. These security service professionals are specially trained and certified to observe and report security related matters, as well as being able to assist students in a manner designed to reduce security risks. Primarily, security safety ambassadors patrol college and university campuses on foot, bike, or car, and have access to security services when disbursing urgent items such as first aid kits and trauma-related materials.

Some security safety ambassadors are even able to act as security escorts for individuals who feel unsafe walking alone or at night. Blackbird Security professionals can provide an additional level of security that is often necessary on campus grounds.

Educating Students

In addition to having mobile patrol services and a robust security system in place, universities must also educate their students on how to stay safe while on campus. This can include teaching them how to recognize suspicious behaviour and reminding them to always be aware of their surroundings.

Universities should also provide resources such as emergency phone numbers and emergency response plans so that students know what steps they should take if they find themselves in a dangerous situation. Additionally, universities should regularly review their safety protocols and make sure that everyone is familiar with them so that everyone knows exactly what needs to be done in case of an emergency.

Blackbird Security & Your Campus

There are many steps that universities can take to ensure the safety of their campuses, from increasing security measures to educating students about their surroundings. At Blackbird Security, we provide all types of protection and campus security for universities such as UBC Robson Square, UBC Bookstore, Quad at York, and various other recognized institutions. For questions or queries about how Blackbird Security can help keep your campus safe, contact us today!

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