How to Keep Your Business Secure this Halloween

Whether it’s the costumes, candy or colourful characters, Halloween is a fun time of year with lots to look forward to. As crowds of trick or treaters go door to door, it’s also worth remembering the dangers faced by businesses at this mischievous time of year.

Several studies have shown property crime spikes in the run up to Halloween. The nights are getting darker, fireworks pepper the skies, and there’s lots of potential for people in costume to get up to no good.

Fortunately, a little preparation and advance planning can minimize the risks your business faces this Halloween season, meaning less tricks and more treats for your staff. Here are a couple of tips for keeping your business secure this Halloween season.

Audit Your Lighting

As daylight recedes, October is the perfect time of year to do an audit of your business’ lighting. Consider leaving lights on overnight to prevent accidents and deter any costumed vandals. Worried about energy conservation? Switching to LED bulbs will bring down your costs, while motion sensor floodlights will only activate when needed. Most property crime tends to be crimes of opportunity. Keeping your premises well lit acts as a powerful deterrent.

Limit Access

Do you know how many people have keys to the building? It’s useful to check in on who has access from time-to-time. If staff members recently left and didn’t hand back their keycards it might be time to consider changing the codes or handing out new cards. Keep all entry points securely locked and ensure windows can’t be forced open. As temperatures drop, open windows become less of a problem but it always pays to be safe.

Have an Expert Examine Your Security Plan

Like a chain, a security plan is only as strong as its weakest link. Go over your plan with a security expert and have them look for weak points. This examination should include a thorough check of all alarms. It’s not enough to install an alarm and forget about it. These systems need to be checked regularly to ensure they still work optimally.

Empower Your Employees

Your employees are powerful allies in the fight to keep your business safe and secure. Ask them to watch out for any suspicious characters lurking around or any behavior that merits interest. Ensure they know what to do when they spot such individuals. Never take them on directly, and always request assistance. The safety of employees should remain your biggest consideration in this respect.

Here to Help

At Blackbird Security we are always standing by to assist with your security needs. Whether you need advice on creating a security plan, or are interested in working with us to keep your business safe, contact us and we will be happy to help.

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