How to be a Front Desk Security or Concierge Professional in Ontario

In the private security world, many of the roles are filled by specialist talent. Close protection officers receive specific training to perform their roles; loss prevention officers require similar specialized training. One role in security bucks this trend, requiring comprehensive training in several areas, security concierges. These front desk security staff must master a wide range of skills, enabling them to be equally comfortable pivoting from one skillset to another in short order. 

Toronto concierge and front desk security staff are in greater demand than ever before. If you’re looking to break into the rapidly growing world of private security, there are so many opportunities in this growing space. In today’s blog, we’re going to discuss the unique traits this role demands, while also looking at why more and more properties are leaning on security concierge staff to keep their residents and visitors safe.

Why are Toronto Concierge and Front Desk Security Services Becoming More Popular?

In the hyper competitive Ontario real estate market, buildings are always on the lookout for a unique selling point. Security concierge staff have become a way for property managers to let their property stand out from the crowd, hiring a security professional that can quickly pivot between a security and hospitality mindset.

Front desk security is an amazing perk to offer for several reasons. Not only do they provide a welcoming presence for clients, staff and residents alike, they also act as the eyes and ears of the building. They control access, offer frontline emergency support, handle packages, and respond to any query with a smile. At Blackbird Security, we train our front desk security team to provide first aid assistance, act as fire marshals, and even uphold building health and safety policies. We believe a well-trained concierge acts much like a Swiss Army Knife, filling multiple needs quickly and conveniently.

Key Traits Needed to for Ontario Front Desk Security Staff and Concierge Professionals

Whether you’re considering a career as a security concierge, or you’re considering hiring front desk security, here are some of the key traits and skills needed to thrive in this role.

Computer Skills

Front desk security spend much of their time on the computer, writing reports, filing data and handling light admin work. A security concierge should be proficient in using common applications like Microsoft Word, Excel, and Google Docs. A big part of their role is to monitor surveillance systems looking for threats and suspicious behaviour. A well-rounded concierge will be as comfortable writing reports and navigating technology as they are with their security duties.

Welcoming Personality

Each day, a front desk security officer will have thousands of interactions with the public. Practically all of these will be customer service-oriented. They’ll be providing directions, handling parcels, helping to facilitate move-ins and move-outs. Customer service skills are a must for this role. Concierge staff should be welcoming and approachable. They are frontline ambassadors for the building, and their demeanor goes a long way to ensuring the satisfaction of those they protect. At Blackbird, we train each of our concierge security staff in customer service skills for this reason.

Organizational Skills 

Front desk security is a role that demands a high level of organization. In their day-to-day roles, these highly skilled security staff will be expected to juggle multiple tasks at once. They could be observing security footage while also providing directions to the public. They may be handling package deliveries while answering calls. It’s a position that requires a cool and organized mindset, with a high degree of situational awareness.

Communication Skills

A concierge is the person responsible for upholding the health and safety policies of a building. They must be comfortable communicating plainly and effectively with everyone in their care. If someone comes to them in distress, they should be able to calm the individual down, before getting to the bottom of the issue. This skill in communication extends to detailed report writing, with concierges required to log any issues that occur during their shift.

Hire Ontario Concierge Professionals with Blackbird Security

If you’re a property manager or strata council that’s looking to hire Ontario Front Desk Security or Concierge, Blackbird Security is Canada’s number one provider of professional security services. We offer complimentary security solutions as well for property security such as mobile patrols and foot patrol security guards. For concierge and front desk security we offer our security services in the following Ontario locations:

  • Scarborough
  • Toronto
  • Brampton
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  • Mississauga
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