How to Accurately Assess Your Security Needs

Often, when it comes to security, small businesses are at the greatest risk. Small and medium sized businesses are often targeted for cyberattacks in specific, as they tend to have less in place to prevent a security breach and their systems are easier to hack. However, the same can be said for on site security as well, businesses with less security in place make for an easier target. So what’s the biggest mistake that many of these businesses make? They don’t undertake a security assessment until after a breach or theft has occurred. Here are some things to remember when it comes to assessing your security needs: 

Conduct an Audit

If you haven’t already, undertake a full and comprehensive security audit. Every business is unique, and so your weak points, your potential for a breach, and your security needs will be unique as well. Put together a team to analyze security risks from every angle in order to identify any weak points, potential threats and vulnerabilities. From there, analyze the level or risk that each of these weak points present, and create the necessary solutions to offset each specific threat. Your solutions should be specific to the nature of your business, your team and your vulnerabilities. Conducting a full security audit, either within your own team or with a professional security company, will leave you with a full understanding of your security needs as well as a series of actionable steps. 

Keep Up With New Threats

Today, a lot of what we do relies on technology. From surveillance systems to inventory tracking to managing purchases and cash flow, technology is involved for most businesses. Technology changes happen rapidly and often. Your approach to security should reflect these changes. Wherever our business interacts with IT, virtualization, mobile devices, online systems, software or any other digital or online activity, security is required. Cybersecurity attacks can be amongst the most damaging and the most costly when it comes to security, so don’t overlook digital! 

Assess Your Needs Often

Doing an initial security assessment is an important first step, but it’s certainly not the last step. Once you’ve done an initial assessment and have implemented the results and suggestions from your analysis, schedule your next assessment. Undertaking a security analysis should be a regular part of your security strategy. Don’t wait for another breach or attack to re-evaluate. As both your business and external factors shift, your security should shift too. This is also relevant to any major changes that happen within your business. If you adopt a new system, move to a new location, expand your services or product offering or acquire new equipment, don’t forget to consider security throughout each change. 

When it comes to security, the best solution is one that is proactive instead of reactive. Keep security in mind consistently. Undertake an analysis before a major breach has occurred, stay mindful of new threats and new technologies, and be sure to make regular assessments a routine part of your security strategy. If you need assistance in assessing risks or putting the right security plans in place, then contact us today! Our team has decades of experience and is always ready to help.

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