How Security Guards Utilize Technology For Better Quality Service

Security is a fast-paced environment, where situations evolve rapidly and efficiency is key. The right technological tools can be a tremendous asset in helping security guards and team leadership make informed decisions. At Blackbird Security, we utilize the latest industry technology to help provide the excellent service that makes us the best security company in Canada. Our security software of choice is TrackTik, which we use to lead and manage our security workforce.

Join us for a deep dive into how Blackbird Security deploys TrackTik technology to enhance our security service. 

Blackbird Security uses TrackTik and other technology to improve security service across Canada

What is TrackTik?

TrackTik serves as a multi-functional workforce management interface, seamlessly connecting frontline security personnel, back-office operations, and clients within a single platform. TrackTik provides a centralized solution for scheduling, access control, GPS tracking, sign-in monitoring, mobile patrol route instructions, and comprehensive reporting. 

Integrating with technology such as TrackTik helps us stay adaptable and strategic, and illustrates to our clients the return on their investment in our high-quality security services.

Real-Time Visibility and Transparency

Clients can access TrackTik data through our online portal which allows for real-time transparency into security operations. This feature is instrumental in promoting effective strategies and enhancing overall visibility. Clients can access detailed information, including scheduling, reports, and communication, all from the dedicated client portal webpage.

Live security data can be accessed as often or infrequently as desired, allowing for a fully custom degree of control and insight into a site’s security strategy as it unfolds. 

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What Technology Strategies Do Blackbird Security Guards Utilize?

Blackbird Security utilizes a variety of technology innovations to elevate security performance. In this section, we’ll dive into TrackTik’s key abilities that cement its place as the gold standard in security reporting software and how our team strategically utilizes its features to deliver an optimal experience for our clients.

GPS tracking

The TrackTik app utilizes GPS tracking and geo-fencing technology, ensuring that the locations of security guards are monitored at all times. Blackbird’s 24/7 Control Centre team closely monitors guards’ physical attendance at the beginning of shifts, ensuring timely arrival to sites. When it comes to securing sites where there may not be many client employees working, such as warehouses and construction sites, this GPS feature is a great tool to also ensure guard reliability and safety. 

Patrol routes of all guards are made transparent through GPS tracking. If a security alarm is triggered at the site of one of our mobile security clients, the Blackbird Security Control Centre team will track the GPS location of mobile security guards in the vicinity and promptly initiate a dispatch. 

Checkpoint Site Scans

When protecting residential and commercial sites, installing unique TrackTik checkpoint tokens throughout the grounds is a common security strategy to help manage site deficiencies, maintenance issues, access control points and more. This helps in organizing visit times, visit frequency, and tasks unique to each site. When a security guard scans the token, a customized report pops up in the TrackTik app. After filling out the questions in the report, the report is logged and accessed by Blackbird Security admin staff, management, and clients.

Any incomplete tours or reports prompt direct communication with security guards for clarification. This rigorous quality control strategy, combined with report-writing training during the onboarding process, ensures that we maintain high standards of service.

Comprehensive Reporting Systems

At Blackbird Security, we make all reporting fully transparent through our client portal webpage, where reports and details can be accessed in real time and through having a dedicated Reporting Team. Through the Reporting Department, our clients can easily provide feedback and requests on how to customize their reporting needs based on content and/or frequency.

Blackbird Security offers a variety of reports, such as daily shift summaries, monthly summaries, completed tour reports, incident reports and more. Our dedicated reporting team at Blackbird Security receives guard reports and compiles information into digestible reporting documentation. These reports show the tangible results of our clients’ security strategies and illustrate their return on investment. 

Blackbird Security uses TrackTik and other technology to improve security service across Canada

Partner With The Industry-Leading Canadian Security Company

We at Blackbird Security are committed to innovation and client satisfaction. Our team expertly integrates TrackTik into our operations to streamline service, augment transparency, and enhance overall security effectiveness. 

We remain the best security company in Canada due to our ability to provide the most optimal service for our clients across all the industries we protect:

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