How Private Security Can Help During BC’s Restart Plan

Around the world, security guards are seeing their roles rapidly change as they pivot to help their community and governments in the fight against COVID-19. Since March, security staff have become a common sight outside our grocery stores, ensuring the safety of shoppers and helping to limit the number of people in the store at once.

Here in British Columbia, our provincial Restart Plan is taking a careful, phased approach to restarting our provincial economy. Under the four phases of the plan, businesses have been able to reopen as long as they can maintain physical distancing. You may have noticed some stores are employing extra help to make this process work smoothly. Private security firms, like Blackbird Security, have been called upon to aid in this process.

Here are some of the ways a private security business can help keep your staff and customers safe.

Physical Distancing

In British Columbia, our province’s top health officials have utilized a more “hands-off” approach to our lockdown. In comparison to other provinces, many of our stores were able to remain open. While each of us played our part in remaining distant, security guards were there to help keep orderly lines outside stores, while patrolling inside to help maintain physical distancing. With the fight against COVID-19 set to continue, these frontline staff will remain as important as ever.

Mobile Site Patrols

As most office workers transitioned to a work from home model, many places of work sat empty and vulnerable in the early stages of the pandemic. Many cities across Canada reported a rise in commercial break-ins, leading to a rapidly increasing demand for private security services. Blackbird Security responded by introducing our pandemic preparedness plan that made work safer for our valuable team members, while ensuring no disruption of service to our clients. In a future where remote work becomes the norm, demand for this kind of security service will continue to rise.

Temperature Screening

In April, T&T Supermarket caused headlines when they begun administering temperature checks to customers upon entry. This move, to ostensibly prevent “sick” patrons from entering the store, was carried out by private security staff at the front door. While the effectiveness of this measure is still up for debate, it further highlights the adaptability we’ve seen from frontline security staff during the pandemic.

Cyber Security

Since March, businesses have been forced to quickly scale up their remote working capabilities. This rapid transformation has created new and unique opportunities for bad actors to conduct cyber-attacks. Private security firms have been at the front lines of this battle, helping businesses to quickly scale up their cyber security and plug holes in their IT infrastructure.

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