How Many Security Guards Do I Need For My Condominium?

Condominium security guards are not only essential for protecting residents and property from break-ins, but security guards are also essential in the case of emergencies or triggered alarms. A critical decision property managers face is determining the right number of security guards needed to effectively protect a property. In this blog, we’ll guide you through the factors to consider when deciding how many security guards are necessary for a condominium.

Understanding the Basics of Condominium Security

The number of security guards required for a condominium depends on several factors, including the size of the building, the level of activity, the presence of amenities, and the specific security needs of the property. Condominiums can range from small buildings needing minimal security to large complexes that require a more robust security presence.

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Condominium Security Presence For Smaller Buildings

For smaller condominiums, typically one or two security guards are enough to maintain a secure environment. In a smaller building, one concierge security guard can handle both front desk duties and regular patrols. The main challenge with having only one guard is that the desk will be left unattended during patrols. This can be mitigated by implementing CCTV cameras that the guard can monitor remotely during patrols.

With two guards, one can remain at the front desk while the other conducts patrols. This ensures continuous monitoring of the front entrance while maintaining a regular security presence throughout the building. Additionally, if a resident has a security concern, one of the two guards can leave to assist the resident while the other stays at the desk. This setup ensures that both entry points and other areas of the property are monitored consistently.

Blackbird Security provides condominium security for residential buildings across Canada

Condominium Security Presence For Larger Complexes

Larger and busier condominiums require a more comprehensive security strategy. Depending on the size and complexity of the building, a condo might need up to six security guards at any given time. Here’s how the distribution typically works:

Concierge security: One or two concierge security guards can be stationed at the front desk to manage visitor access, monitor CCTV cameras, and respond to immediate security concerns.
Patrol security: Two uniformed guards can conduct regular patrols of the property, covering extensive areas and ensuring all parts of the condominium are secure. Long patrols in large buildings can be demanding, and having dedicated patrol guards ensures thorough coverage.
Amenities support: One security guard can be assigned to monitor amenities such as gyms, pools, and common areas. This ensures these spaces are safe and that residents follow the rules and regulations.
Additional support: An extra security guard can be deployed to provide logistical support, manage deliveries, and assist with resident requests as needed.

Benefits of a Larger Security Team

Multiple security guards ensure that all areas of the condominium, from entrances and parking lots to amenities and common areas, are under constant surveillance. Should a security incident arise, a larger team of guards can respond to the incident more effectively and quickly than a single or pair of security guards. Additionally, security guards can be assigned specific roles and areas of responsibility, enhancing their effectiveness and allowing for more specialized training.

Large condominiums with a large number of residents will need a large security team to assist with building evacuations and emergency response in the event of a fire alarm. Larger security teams can more easily guide large numbers of residents to evacuation areas while managing the crowd and ensuring safety.

Blackbird Security provides condominium security for residential buildings across Canada

Factors to Consider

When deciding how many security guards your condominium needs, consider the following factors:

Building Size

Typically, smaller buildings require fewer guards due to the smaller area and lower number of residents. Larger buildings, on the other hand, require more guards to cover extensive areas and manage higher resident traffic.

Level of Activity

Buildings with high foot traffic, frequent visitors, and busy amenities will need more security presence to manage and monitor activity. Meanwhile, buildings with fewer residents and visitors may require fewer guards.

Amenities and Common Areas

Condominiums with gyms, pools, lounges, and other amenities will need dedicated security to ensure these areas are safe and well-monitored.

Specific Security Needs

Property managers should partner with a security company that will conduct a thorough risk assessment to identify potential security threats and vulnerabilities. This will help determine the number of guards needed to address these risks effectively.

Budget Considerations

Ensure that the number of security guards fits within your budget while still providing the right level of protection for your condominium.

Mobile Patrols For Condominium Security

Mobile security patrols are often deployed to condominium buildings to add an extra layer of security in addition to a static security presence, or in place of one. In smaller condominiums that may not require a full-time overnight security guard, mobile patrols fill in the gaps overnight and ensure that the property is regularly monitored for safety and security issues. Mobile patrols are conducted using a marked security vehicle, making them additionally suited for larger complexes or multiple properties under the same management.

Mobile patrols are highly customizable and can be scheduled during any time of the day or night. They can also be conducted on a randomized schedule, providing an added layer of deterrence for potential thieves, who won’t be able to gauge an appropriate time to execute a crime. Because mobile security guards aren’t stationed at the site for the duration of their shift, mobile patrols can be more cost-effective than stationary security guards.

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Determining the right number of security guards for your condominium is crucial to maintaining a safe and secure environment for residents and visitors. Whether you need a single guard for a smaller building or a team of six for a larger complex, having the right security presence ensures peace of mind and a safe living environment for all.

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