Patrol Security is Effective!

Patrol security is the best way to deter crime. Whether you have a commercial business, parking lot, construction site, industrial facility, office building or condominium, patrol security will keep your premises secure. This week on the blog we share some real examples of how our patrol security has made a huge, positive impact for our clients!

In Edmonton we service Clish Development and their tenants 7-11 and Tim Hortons. As a result of civic COVID-19 isolation measures, homeless people have been housed at a nearby hotel. This resulted in an uptick in destructive and damaging activities to our client’s site such as: loitering on the premises, scouring in garbage cans, high noise volumes, sleeping on site, fights on site, shooting up drugs on site, drug paraphernalia left on site, drug dealers selling drugs on site, vandalism, graffiti and broken windows on the property. The client wanted to keep their sites safe for patrons, and prevent deleterious activities from occurring. They contacted us for a visible patrol security presence. Our guards are Nalaxone injection trained, have the capabilities to safely dispose of needles and have Mental Health First Aid Training. We are highly skilled in conflict resolution and adopt a customer service-style approach to dealing with enquiries from the general public. 

Clish Development: 7-11 and Tim Hortons

At Clish Development we are on-site 7 days a week from 8pm to 5am. Our guard walks between the  7-11 and Tim Hortons and sends daily reports to the client everyday at 10am. We are following the standing orders for this particular site. These include: no one sleeping on site, no loitering and to enforce their "no waiting outside the store" policy. Our security removes any individuals who do not comply with these policies. Because of our on-site security guards, customers once again feel safe and comfortable to patronize these two stores. 

Bosa: Madison Centre

In Burnaby we do 24/7 foot patrols for Madison Centre for Bosa Development. The goal is to provide a safe, clean family oriented environment for residents, tenants and building operators. This site has been having issues with loiters who have been camping out in the parking lots and using the emergency stairwells as bathrooms. Our security guards keep the site free from drug users, criminal activity, and loiterers; which results in a reduction of drug paraphernalia and garbage on site. We also liaise with the cleaning company to ensure any garbage or unseemly smells are dealt with in a timely manner.

Bosa: Solo District

Security patrols also make a big difference for residential buildings. At Bosa’s Solo District we work with their strata to provide both a static guard presence during busy times and nightly patrols to ensure there isn't any trespassing. We are there to help provide a presence to improve the overall safety on site. We also are on the lookout for trespassers who might have entered via the underground parkways, if residents didn’t wait for the gate to shut. Bosa came to us for help after their previous security company had become complacent with loiterers. At Blackbird Security, we have equipped our guards with the appropriate training to remove unwanted trespassers off site in the least confrontational way possible. Our security guards are fully trained in verbal de-escalation and appropriate de-escalation procedures. Also, the successful implementation of TrackTik software allows for real-time feedback from guards and generation of reports with video/pictures that can be easily viewed by property managers as needed.

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