How Customer Service Impacts Security

Customer service within a retail setting may seem completely unrelated to security, but it’s not! In fact, customer service - or lack thereof - can have an impact on loss prevention, shoplifting and security in general.

When it comes to good, effective customer service, the first step is acknowledgement. It’s important to greet visitors and customers as they enter your store in a way that is professional and positive, making sure that all guests know you are available to assist if need be. Not only does this create a positive interaction and experience, but it demonstrates the fact that your team is on site, is present and is observant. This is important to reinforce. If someone is a potential shoplifting risk, it’s important that they know there is an engaged team within the store that is aware of their presence and is observant. Engaging personally with customers, even something as simple as a greeting, demonstrates that there is an authoritative presence on site and available.

Awareness is a key component when it comes to good customer service in any context. To take your customer service skills from good to great requires a heightened level of awareness. Make a point to communicate with customers in a way that responds to not only their requests but their body language and any other non-verbal communication as well. Noting a customers tone can make a huge difference in how you approach their needs, and how they in turn view and remember their overall experience. Awareness is also another very important step when it comes to keeping your store or business secure. Ensuring that all staff value this level of active awareness will reflect in not only customer service, but other areas of their work as well. When it comes to loss prevention, the more aware your staff are the better!

For security personnel, customer service is relevant not only as it relates to interactions with customers but with staff too. As security personnel interact with staff on a regular basis, it’s important that they treat staff with as much respect as they do customers. This is an especially important factor at Blackbird Security, we are constantly ensuring that our security staff keep customer service and respect at the forefront of all that they do. Not only does this develop positive relationships between staff and security personnel, but it also creates a general culture of respect and ongoing awareness. Security is increased when staff members and security personnel can work positively amongst one another.

Customer service is an important skill that certainly impacts a business on many levels. The area of security, and specifically loss prevention, is no exception. Good customer service increases brand loyalty, heightens awareness, ensures positive communication between staff and security personnel, creates a culture of respect, demonstrates a consistent on site presence and, overall, can positively impact the security of your retail business. For these reasons, excellent customer service is a core component of all that we do at Blackbird Security. If you need assistance with implementing positive in-store practices, or are interested in loss prevention and on site security at your retail location, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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