How Blackbird Security Secured Bryson Tiller and Kid Laroi Vancouver Concerts

Concert attendees, organizers, and venue managers alike know how important security guards are in creating a safe and welcoming environment at live music events. Partnering with a high-quality event security guard company can make the difference between a successful, streamlined event and an unsafe one. This May, 89 Blackbird Security guards were deployed to Bryson Tiller’s concert, while 63 security guards were on duty for Kid Laroi at UBC’s Thunderbird Stadium in Vancouver, ensuring the safety of concert attendees. In this blog, we’ll outline how Blackbird Security secured both UBC Thunderbird Stadium concerts and continues to provide Vancouver’s best large-scale concert security.

Blackbird Security Bryson Tiller Kid Leroy UBC Thunderbird Stadium Vancouver concerts

Uniformed Security Guards Maintained Crowd Control

Concerts at UBC Thunderbird Stadium draw large crowds which demand a high degree of crowd management. At both the Kid Laroi and Bryson Tiller concerts, Blackbird’s uniformed security guards patrolled the lineup, directed attendees, and ensured that crowds remained calm and orderly throughout the check-in process.

Venue clients can choose which branded uniform our security guards wear at events from a range of options. These include collared t-shirts, zip-up jackets, and security vests, each allowing for a customized look and deportment. Uniforms serve to distinguish security guards from internal venue staff while maintaining a professional appearance.

Event Security Guards Conducted Pat-downs, Bag Checks, and Ticket Verification Upon Concert Entry

A key part of ensuring a safe concert venue is checking bags for weapons, alcohol, and items prohibited by the concert venue. Bag checks were conducted outdoors at UBC Thunderbird Stadium where Blackbird Security guards divided the lineup into smaller queues to search bags and conduct pat-downs efficiently.

At Blackbird Security, we prioritize customer service. Our security guards receive comprehensive training in customer service to master effective interaction techniques and foster positive experiences. This contributes to a streamlined entry experience for attendees. Learn more about how Blackbird Security stands apart from competitors through our comprehensive training.

Blackbird Security Bryson Tiller Kid Leroy UBC Thunderbird Stadium Vancouver concerts

Event Security Guards Managed Setup and Asset Protection

Blackbird’s event security guards were present to guarantee a seamless setup and security for the crew. Event security guards were strategically positioned in key areas, such as parking lots near transport trucks, to protect valuable assets. Their responsibilities included patrolling the building perimeter, verifying identities at access points, managing vehicle entry, ensuring the safe transport of equipment into the venue, and securing backstage entryways for performers.

Indoor Security At The Concert

Blackbird Security guards were strategically stationed within hallways and at access points, ensuring attendees followed the stadium’s rules and were directed away from prohibited areas. Controlling moving crowds safely is critical at concerts to ensure attendees do not run and injure themselves or others.

Emergency response is a critical element of venue safety at concerts. Blackbird Security guards are trained in first aid, offering essential support for attendees and venue staff during medical emergencies. Beyond first aid, our event security guards also receive comprehensive emergency response training, equipping them to handle various security incidents and emergencies, including fires. Additionally, our security team collaborates with venue staff to learn internal emergency protocols, such as evacuation plans, to be prepared for any emergency.

Blackbird Security Bryson Tiller Kid Leroy UBC Thunderbird Stadium Vancouver concerts

Partner With Vancouver’s Best Concert Security Provider

The Bryson Tiller and Kid Laroi concerts mark two more concerts successfully safeguarded by Blackbird Security at the UBC Thunderbird Stadium. Our extensive experience in securing high-profile events across major Canadian cities, including Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, and Edmonton combined with our industry expertise, highly trained security staff, and efficient procedures ensure a premium experience for all our event clients.

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