How Blackbird Security Provides The Best Security In Canada Through Training

The role of the security guard has been steadily evolving over recent years. Traditionally, security guards were a means of intimidation who protected valuable assets, inventory, and property. Today, security guards also serve as community guides, providing protection, safety, and assistance to members of the public. Knowledge, training, and communication skills have become the keys to success in best-serving clients and communities.

At Blackbird Security, we’re proud to provide an extended training program for all of our guards, empowering them to provide the best security service in Canada. Join us in this blog for an overview of our security training courses and learn what makes Blackbird Security premium.

Blackbird Security provides the best security service in Canada through security guard training

Advanced Training For Security Guards

All security guards across Canada must complete a BST (Basic Security Training) certification and obtain a security guard license to work. By taking both courses, Blackbird Security guards gain a more comprehensive overview of security than they would otherwise receive through the BST alone. Through these courses, security guards learn the foundations of professionalism and ethics, report writing, regulations governing security guards, and basic control techniques.

While most Canadian security companies only require their security guards to complete the BST and earn a license, Blackbird Security goes above and beyond. In addition to the AST and Use of Force, we believe in taking training to the next level. This is where Blackbird Academy comes into play.

Blackbird Academy: Canada’s Leading Security Training Program

While the BST and AST certifications equip guards with foundational security skills, there is still more to learn to round out a security guard’s knowledge base. After years of serving clients across all industries in Canada, we developed Blackbird Academy, a comprehensive training program designed to equip our security guards to handle any scenario safely

Each Blackbird Academy graduate receives the tools and skills to deliver the best security service possible through hands-on instruction and mentorship. Here’s an overview of our core in-house training modules:

Customer Service Training

We take a customer service-first approach to security. Blackbird Security guards are typically the first people customers, guests, and visitors interact with in our clients’ establishments. This is particularly true for uniformed guards, who are typically stationed at retail store entrances, and front desk or concierge security guards at hotels and residential buildings. Security guards must know how to facilitate positive, friendly interactions with members of the public. Our customer service training teaches problem-solving skills and effective listening and communication.

As a result of our customer service training, our guards can represent our clients in the best light possible. Our security guards function cohesively as members of our clients' teams in customer and team-to-team interactions.

Blackbird Security provides the best security service in Canada through security guard training

Conflict De-Escalation Training

Our guards prioritize conflict de-escalation to maintain a safe, peaceful environment within the businesses we protect. We’ve worked closely with the Justice Institute of BC to create our own internal program to teach our security personnel to effectively and safely de-escalate conflicts. The program is designed to teach emotional regulation and management skills, crucial for guards who encounter high-pressure situations while interacting with the general public.

Security Report Writing and Incident Reporting 101 and 201

Report writing is a vital skill for security guards to learn. Keeping a comprehensive record of all occurrences, property issues, and security vulnerabilities in a thorough yet easily understood way is a core responsibility of all security guards. We train our guards in writing accurate written reports, using non-biased language, and clarity of writing.

Transparency is key to us. At Blackbird Security, we use TrackTik to record and store reports. Through the TrackTik online portal, our clients can access reports and documentation in real-time. This gives clients access to security as it happens, in as much detail as needed.

Cultural Sensitivity Training

Through cultural sensitivity training, our guards become equipped with a broad knowledge of cultural differences and how best to respect them in their roles. Our security guards gain a comprehensive understanding of cultural awareness and a history of marginalized groups in Canada. This allows our guards to take a holistic and empathetic approach to all facets of their work, from customer service to peaceful de-escalation.

First Aid Training

First aid is a critical component of security. Our clients know they can trust Blackbird Security guards to support staff members in helping customers and guests in need. Our guards learn first aid and CPR, to provide lifesaving assistance before the arrival of first responders. Blackbird Security’s First Aid instructors are certified Lifesaving Society First Aid Instructors (FAI), a certification recognized by WSIB. The materials we teach are up-to-date and reputable, providing added value to our clients.

Blackbird Security provides the best security service in Canada through security guard training

Partner With Canada’s Best Security Company

We go above and beyond for our team members, which allows us to excel for our clients. Our comprehensive and holistic training methods ensure that Blackbird Security guards are more than “just” security guards; They’re valuable members of the communities and businesses they serve. From customer service to comprehensive report writing, to first aid and beyond, our security guards are confident in every facet of their role.

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