How Blackbird Security Protects the Saskatchewan Hotel Industry

Blackbird Security is proud to protect several hotels across Saskatchewan. In 2024, Saskatchewan’s tourism and hotel industries are expected to make a full recovery to pre-pandemic levels, where hotel occupancy rates sat at 56 percent. In preparation for the increase in visitors next year, it’s more important now than ever to invest in top-level security for your Saskatechwan-based hotel. 

Blackbird has the advantage of experience in Saskatchewan. We protect a wide variety of hotels in Saskatoon and Regina, and as a result, we’re intimately familiar with the unique regional challenges faced by hotels in the province. In this blog, we’ll dive into the ways we keep Saskatchewan’s hotel industry secure.

The Role of Hotel Security

When security is not up to par, hotels can become hotbeds of opportunity for crime including theft and trespassing. Blackbird Security guards employ a proactive approach to crime prevention while providing a variety of services and support for hotel staff. Here’s a deeper look into the roles the ideal hotel security team plays: 

Front Desk Security Presence: A front desk security team ensures a visible yet approachable presence, providing a sense of safety and security for both guests and staff. 

Access Control: Security guards closely monitor and regulate entry points, safeguarding hotel premises and ensuring that no unauthorized personnel access secure or staff-only areas.

Upholding Hotel Rules and Policies: A hotel’s security team is critical in enforcing rules and policies. In the event of an unruly guest, security guards are present to ensure swift de-escalation and an escort off the property if need be. 

CCTV Surveillance: Leveraging CCTV systems, security personnel closely monitor hotel premises, identifying and addressing any suspicious activity to ensure overall safety.

Alarm Response: In the event of alarms or security breaches within hotels, security guards respond swiftly and efficiently, following and executing established protocols to mitigate potential threats and ensure a rapid resolution.

Evacuation Support: During emergencies, security staff assist in orderly evacuations, ensuring the safety of hotel guests and staff members. Blackbird Security guards have been at the forefront of several emergency evacuations on behalf of our clients.

Incident Report Writing: Security guards meticulously document and report any incidents, maintaining comprehensive records that contribute to ongoing security assessments and improvements. At Blackbird, we leverage TrackTik technology for real-time incident reporting. 

Mobile Patrols: By implementing mobile patrol strategies, security teams are able to maintain a dynamic presence across large or multiple hotel properties.

Keyholding Duties: Security guards manage hotel keyholding duties, maintaining control over access keys to secure areas and ensuring that only authorized individuals have access as per protocols.

Blackbird Security’s Customer Service Approach

A crucial element of the overall hotel experience is exceptional customer service provided by staff. Going above and beyond typical security guard duties, each guard on the Blackbird Security team undergoes dedicated customer service training and incident de-escalation training. Our goal in serving hotel businesses is to provide a customer-centric approach to hotel security. 

Along with concierge staff, security guards are often among the first team members guests encounter when entering a hotel. Our guards act as an extension of hotel staff, providing a friendly welcome to guests while encouraging a safe and secure environment. 

Blackbird Security protects the Saskatchewan Hotel industry

Customized Hotel Security Guard Services

Our hospitality security services are fully customizable to suit each of our individual clients and their unique needs. We’re proud to offer the service choice of a large security company, along with the personal touch of a small business. There’s no off-the-shelf answer for hotel security. Our team takes the time to learn the unique challenges faced by our hotel clients before developing the best custom security strategy. 

Blackbird Security is proud to provide customized service to the following hotels in Saskatchewan:



Blackbird Security protects the Saskatchewan hotel industry

Upgrade to Canada’s Number One Hotel Security Company

Protecting your hotel’s premises, guests, and staff is about more than providing a safe and secure environment. The ideal security company should employ a customer-service approach, cultivating a comfortable environment that leaves guests with the ultimate impression of your hotel. 

In addition to hotel security, we provide services in the following industries:

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