Hospitality Industry Security Tips for a Safe Holiday Season

The Holiday season has arrived!

For those working in the hospitality industry this is the busiest time of year. There’s a different party every night, customers are in great spirits and it’s a fun time to be involved! As the drinks flow, it’s worth being aware of the added risks at this time of year.

Why it’s Worth the Investment

The Holiday season represents an amazing opportunity to put your security services in front of plenty of potential customers. Think of it as a sales lead! If your company does a good job, you’ve already put yourself to the front of the line next time a security contract comes up.  

To help make the most of this opportunity, we’ve provided some common sense tips for keeping on top of holiday security at bars, restaurants and other places hosting Holiday events.

Put on a Happy Face

The caricature of the gruff security person is well established at this point. Ensure your people provide service with a smile this holiday season. It doesn’t cost anything and will leave a lasting impression on attendees. A lot of the hardest work security personnel do is out of the public eye, meaning your business may be judged on seemingly unimportant things like how friendly your people were while doing their job. Keep your customers safe this Holiday, but don’t forget to smile.

Watch the Front Door

The security team members you place at the front door are the most important staff at the event. They are the first point of contact for attendees. They’re also the only people who know everyone who has come in or out. It’s vital they are fully briefed on the circumstances surrounding the event. Is there a potential for any disturbances? The more these vital frontline staff know, the easier their job will be. Returning to our first point, customer service in this position is key. They will be interacting mostly in a customer service capacity throughout the course of the night.

Create a Health and Safety Checklist

Each December, Santa makes a list and checks it twice. Follow in his example and make sure to create a health and safety checklist for the night. Remind your staff of their responsibilities in areas such as alcohol service, where the emergency exits are, and what to do in the event of a medical emergency. Who is the person on-site trained in first aid? If an emergency happens at the event, a little bit of preparation can make all the difference.

Communication is Key

How your staff communicate with each other can prove imperative to nipping any issues in the bud. Don’t rely on cell phones for this. With so many people in a small event space phones can often prove unreliable. The gold standard for communicating is two way-radios. These lightweight and dependable radios offer instant and reliable communications among your team. This focus on communication extends to interaction with attendees. Ensure your people are always polite and informative, with a customer-first mentality.

Here to Help

Looking for help with security in the hospitality industry? At Blackbird Security, we have years of experience in running safe and secure events of all sizes. Keep your staff safe, contact us and we will be happy to help.

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