Halloween Security Tips During COVID-19

Each year, Halloween presents security challenges for businesses across Canada. It’s a night where mischief levels run high, and criminals use the cover of loud noises, fireworks and even costumes to target businesses. With decreased footfall and many workplaces sitting empty, Halloween 2020 is a uniquely dangerous time for property and business owners. Is your business ready for the challenge?

The good news is, there’s still time to prepare and minimize the risks your property faces this Halloween season. Here are some key tips and best practices to keep your business safe during this unique Halloween season.

Check Your Property for Weak Points

A common theme we’ve found in security is that a large percentage of crimes are crimes of opportunity. If there are visible blind spots, broken windows, or other weaknesses in your security setup, you are presenting an open goal for criminals. Conduct a daytime audit around your property, looking for areas where criminals could gain access. Take this as an opportunity to replace any broken lighting and check the locks on doors and windows.

Remove Valuables from the Property

While you can minimize the risk of crime happening, it’s tough to stop it altogether. If your premises are sitting empty due to COVID-19 social distancing, consider paying a visit and removing and valuables from prying eyes. Either move these items off-site, or consider moving them to a secured room somewhere near the centre of the building away from windows.

Consider Mobile Security Patrols

During COVID-19, Blackbird Security’s Mobile Patrol Service has grown rapidly in popularity. Our team members undertake randomized patrols along pre-arranged internal and external patrol routes, acting as a powerful crime deterrent. This service is available across Alberta, British Columbia and Winnipeg, Manitoba. If you’re interested in finding out how this service can work to protect your site, get in touch and we’ll be happy to assist.

Limit Access

Do you know how many people have keys to the building? It’s useful to check in on who has access from time-to-time. If staff members recently left and didn’t hand back their keycards it might be time to consider changing the codes or handing out new cards. Keep all entry points securely locked and ensure windows can’t be forced open. As temperatures drop, open windows become less of a problem but it always pays to be safe.

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