Full-Service Security: Supporting Retailers With Warehouse, Corporate Office, and Storefront Loss Prevention

In our last blog, we detailed key factors to take into account when choosing a security company provider for your business. One element that is helpful to consider, especially for larger-scale businesses, is the capacity to provide full-service security. For businesses that have retail storefronts, warehouses, offices, or other physical locations that need protection, a security company that provides services in all of these areas and more is a huge asset.

At Blackbird Security, we’re proud to provide services that support our clients across all areas of their businesses. One of these clients is Best Buy. In this blog, we’ll highlight our partnership with this consumer electronics giant and how we support them with security services through all aspects of their business, from storefronts to warehouses, and now their corporate offices

Securing Best Buy’s Stores With Retail Security

For many businesses, retail security is the jumping-off point when considering security services to deploy. Retail security helps provide peace of mind to customers, staff, and management alike, knowing their safety, as well as the safety of their property and assets, are professionally protected.

Due to the high-value nature of Best Buy’s electronic goods, we worked with them to develop a comprehensive retail security strategy that included loss prevention and tactical security guards. This added an extra layer of protection to each of Best Buy’s stores.

At Blackbird Security, we take an approach to security that prioritizes customer service and guest experience - while also providing excellent, professional, and reliable security. With Best Buy, and all of our retail clients, we strive to ensure that our guards seamlessly blend with store teams and represent brands in their best light. In addition to customer service training, our guards receive cultural sensitivity training to ensure that every encounter can be resolved peacefully with empathy. 

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Here’s an outline of each retail security guard role:

Uniformed retail security: Our uniformed security guards are typically found at the front of Best Buy stores. These guards not only provide a friendly greeting to customers but also uphold a range of duties. These duties include responding to alarms, carrying out metal detector checks, and providing access control. Their uniforms provide a visual deterrent, warning potential thieves that a store is protected. 

Tactical security: Similar to uniformed security guards, tactical security personnel are often stationed at the front of stores and provide a welcome to customers. What differentiates tactical guards is their unique training that equips them with the necessary skills to apprehend thieves, including extensive Use of Force training. Their tactical vest and gear provide a strong visual deterrent for potential criminals. 

Undercover loss prevention: Loss prevention personnel wear civilian clothing and go undercover in store aisles, keeping a watchful eye out for any suspicious activities. As they don’t wear a uniform, they’re able to keep a close eye on any incidents that may unfold. This is extremely valuable to a brand that may be trying to reduce shrinkage & shoplifting incidents within its stores.

Protecting Best Buy’s Cargo With Warehouse Security

Best Buy’s goods needed protection at their warehouses. They called on us to provide warehouse security to ensure the safety of the brand’s valuable inventory and provide security during the transport process. Warehouse security guards ensure that the identities of all incoming visitors are verified, monitor access points and the property’s environment for issues and vulnerabilities, and perform regular checks of specific areas to ensure their security. 

At Best Buy, our warehouse security guards specialize in 2 major roles: 

Front Desk Security: In Best Buy’s warehouse reception area, our front desk security guards register visitors, manage incoming calls, and maintain a secure entry point. In addition to welcoming and verifying guests' identities, concierge security guards monitor CCTV systems, ensuring that every area of the warehouse facility is supervised at all times.

Uniformed Warehouse & Gatehouse Security: Uniformed security guards patrol key locations, such as access points, loading docks, or high-traffic areas at Best Buy’s warehouses. Our security guards are also stationed at gatehouses outside of the warehouses to waive in permitted vehicles and to monitor the loading and unloading of goods from transport vehicles, ensuring that products are supervised at all times and preventing potential opportunities for theft. 

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Keeping Best Buy’s Corporate Office Secure

Most recently, we’ve partnered once again with Best Buy to provide suit-and-tie security for their corporate office, in addition to our pre-existing storefront and warehouse security services. For Best Buy, we deployed our concierge security guards. These highly-trained front desk office security guards provide a frontline security presence while greeting visitors, enforcing office policies and maintaining CCTV surveillance of assigned areas.

Blackbird Security provides professional office front desk and concierge security services to clients in Canada

Partner With Canada’s Best Full-Service Security Provider

When businesses partner with a singular company for all of their security needs, they build upon lasting, impactful relationships. When a security team knows your brand well, your business is represented and protected best in all facets of your business operations. We’re proud to partner with clients such as Best Buy to provide best-in-class full service security solutions across all facets of their businesses. 

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