Flexible Mobile Patrol Options to Suit Every Community

Mobile Patrol Security is one of our fastest growing services at Blackbird Security. No matter what industry you’re operating in, our mobile patrol guards deliver a cost-effective security solution that doesn’t skimp on the coverage. In this week’s blog, we wanted to look at the different ways our Mobile Patrols can help businesses and communities across Western Canada.

This year has proved challenging for businesses and communities. The landscape we operate in has rapidly shifted, with budgets under greater scrutiny and an increased need for us to stay home and prevent the spread of COVID-19. Against this backdrop crime has found the space to flourish, compounding the difficulties businesses are already facing. Have you considered adding additional security presence to your property?

In our experience, most crimes are opportunity driven. Criminals spot property that’s not well protected and they exploit it. Our Mobile Patrols fill this gap, following randomized schedules along pre-arranged routes. Their presence acts as a powerful deterrent, sowing uncertainty in the minds of criminals. Here are some of the ways our Mobile Patrols can be arranged to suit your unique needs.

Car Patrol

Does your property cover a large area? Our Mobile Car Patrols are perfect for regular patrols or emergency callouts 24/7. All our cars are manned by specially trained and licensed security guards. They utilize the latest GPS technology and live reporting that’s uploaded and shared instantly with our clients. We offer our Car Mobile Patrol service to clients in a broad range of industries, ranging from construction sites, to parks and residential buildings in Vancouver, Victoria, Kelowna, Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg. Here are some examples of the clients we work with:

  • Flatiron Construction, Vancouver
  • Chinatown BIA, Edmonton
  • City of Delta School Board
  • Best Buy, Winnipeg and Calgary
  • MBuilds Construction, Winnipeg

Bicycle Patrol

Our Bike Patrols offer a quick and efficient way for our security guards to patrol and cover large sites while remaining approachable and accessible to the public. We currently provide this service for several clients, including the City of Duncan on Vancouver Island. Our mobile guards are a regular sight in this community, ensuring safety and comfort for all residents and property.

foot patrol

Foot Patrol

Is your property a smaller space? Do you have internal pathways that are obscured from public view? Our Foot Patrol service gets a security presence on the ground level, walking your property on randomized schedules. We currently provide this service for clients across Western Canada, including Commercial Street BIA in Vancouver. Our Foot Patrols are a great option for sites where frequent close interaction with customers or residents is necessary such as shopping malls, parking lots or block watches. 

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