Events are Back in Toronto – It’s Time to Think Event Security

Events are returning across Toronto – have you considered your event security strategy yet? Learn key tips and best practices in event security, and how Blackbird Security is Canada’s number one provider of event security.

Across Toronto, signs of life are starting to return. The Toronto Raptors and Maple Leafs are playing in front of packed crowds. Concerts, events and parties are coming back. While COVID-19 hasn’t disappeared, many people are getting on with their lives. Normality is slowly returning with businesses and venues ramping up to meet this increased demand for events.

The rule book for event security must be updated to reflect the times we live in. What worked before 2020 simply isn’t sufficient any longer. Event managers have much more on their plates to satisfy COVID-19 health restrictions and keep attendees safe. With this in mind, we asked our industry leading event security team for their insights on improving your Toronto event security.

Create an Event Safety Plan

Before we dive in, let’s take a look at the current public health guidelines relevant to Toronto.

Currently, Toronto has no capacity restrictions for event spaces, conference centres and banquet halls. However, proof of vaccination is required to attend indoor events. Patrons must wear masks or face covering while indoor and staff providing services must wear appropriate PPE. Consideration must also be given to physical distancing where appropriate.

In pre-pandemic times, your safety plan would likely cover areas like emergency exits, staffing coverage and emergency response. Unfortunately, those days are over. Your safety plan must account for COVID-19 guidelines, and it’s the place your event planning should begin.

Nail Your Messaging

It’s important to ensure you’re keeping attendees safe, but don’t let COVID-19 considerations monopolize your messaging. Attendees will want to know you’re on top of their safety, but they likely don’t want it in their face constantly. Outline basic safety measures in your pre-event messaging and give attendees an option to learn more via a website link. Once you’ve addressed safety, move on to talking about how awesome your event will be, and how much fun attendees will have.

Create a Communications Plan

Events are organized chaos. What separates great event planners from the rest is their ability to minimize this chaos and handle it. One of the secrets to achieving this goal is to have a clearly defined communications plan in place. Place walkie-talkies with key staff and clearly define who is in charge of what and where. Have an evacuation plan in place that all staff are aware of and don’t forget to stage as much of a dry run as possible in advance.

Know Your Venue Inside/Out

Event security is all about preparation. Whenever we take on an event security contract, we place great emphasis on knowing the venue and what to expect. Understand where all the points of access are, what the typical flow of people is, and note any secluded areas where problems could develop. Rather than taking on this preparation yourself, working with a Toronto event security expert like Blackbird Security means you have access to years of experience in the field. Our team understands how to reinforce aspects like coat check, cash registers and other potentially vulnerable spots for crime.

Hire Blackbird Security for Your Toronto Event Security

With so much to plan in advance of your event, let Blackbird Security handle the event security. Our team has performed above and beyond throughout the pandemic, effortlessly mixing world class security service with public safety and COVID-19 policy enforcement. No matter what type of event you’re hosting, the presence of our security guards mitigates risk and provides more time to focus on the event itself. As Canada’s number one event security provider, we’re looking forward to partnering with you. Contact us and we will be happy to help!

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