Event Security Tips for Holiday Parties

Temperatures are dropping, decorations are being prepped and lists for Santa are excitedly being prepped. It can mean only one thing - Holiday party season is approaching fast. This annual tradition presents an invaluable way to reward staff for a year of hard work. And, while there’s plenty of scope for a festive evening, we’ve all heard stories of holiday parties gone sideways.

Event Security can play a huge role in helping guests enjoy their evening, while also ensuring they get home safely. Ahead of this year’s holiday party season, here are some event security tips for the big night that will prevent your business from showing up on the naughty list.

Make Sure the Venue is Properly Prepared

A golden rule in event security is to prepare the venue in advance of the event. At this time of year, all walkways and exits should be free of snow, ice and other slip hazards. If weather is a factor, requesting the venue salt nearby sidewalks will help prevent any slips or falls. Adequate lighting at all entrance and exit points should also be present. Throughout the night, instruct staff to keep an eye on any trip hazards inside the venue, with main thoroughfares kept clear of obstruction.

Have an “End of Night” Plan in Place

While the temptation is present to breathe a well-deserved sigh of relief at the end of the night, you aren’t quite finished work yet. In fact, some of the biggest potential risks present themselves at the end of the night. You have a responsibility to ensure all staff make it home safely. It’s recommended to reach out to local taxi companies to make them aware of the party and request a taxi presence outside at the end of the night. Encourage the event organizers to cover the cost of the taxi for attendees so they aren’t tempted to get behind the wheel themselves.

Issues with Alcohol

It’s a Holiday Party. Attendees are going to want to drink. Unfortunately, alcohol goes hand-in-hand with safety issues but there are several steps you can take to minimize your risks. Work with organizers to ensure all bartenders on the night are certified to serve alcohol. Ensure protocols are in place to prevent intoxicated or underage individuals from procuring any alcohol. Encourage the organizers to provide a wide array of non-alcoholic options for attendees. Alongside these steps, request food is also on hand to help soak up the alcohol.

Insurance Considerations

If your security team is regularly running events, it pays to carry liability insurance. This also extends to other vendors involved on the night such as:

  • Entertainers
  • The Venue
  • Bartending Firms
  • Catering Firms

Each should carry their own liability insurance when dealing with the public. While it is an expense, it’s one you’ll be glad you paid if the worst case happened and your security business was found liable for any accidents.

Here to Help

Looking for help with security at your upcoming holiday party? At Blackbird Security, we have years of experience in running safe and secure events of all sizes. Keep your staff safe, contact us and we will be happy to help.

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