Essential Security Measures for Construction Sites

It feels like Canada is enjoying a construction boom without an end. Across our country, commercial and residential properties are being built at a record pace, with matters like the global crash of 2008 and, more recently, a pandemic doing nothing to halt the progress. That being said, sites are still facing regular headaches that are hurting profits and causing delays. Crime sits at the top of this list, with many sites still vulnerable to opportunistic thefts, and those seeking out expensive equipment.

Unfortunately, construction sites will always be an attractive target for criminals. They contain high-value tools, materials, plant and machinery – all of which can be sold for a quick profit. In fact, the problem is so widespread, Zurich Canada reports that insurance claims due to construction theft have reached $50 million annually. These rising insurance claims have led to an increase in premiums across the industry.

It’s a difficult problem to solve, but the single most effective method is to introduce robust security measures that will deter crime, or delay criminals long enough that support has time to arrive. With this in mind, here are five quick ways to increase construction site security measures and make your site a less attractive target for theft.

Work with Blackbird Security

Blackbird Security is Canada’s number one provider of construction site security. Our popular 24/7 mobile patrol service is perfect for construction sites, as it offers round the clock protection when and where it’s needed. Our guards are assigned to patrol pre-determined routes on a randomized, or targeted schedule, at your site. These patrols keep criminals guessing, acting as a powerful visual deterrent to criminal behaviour. We also offer uniformed security guards on long and short term contracts, and our full range of customizable security services to clients across Canada in the construction industry.

Install CCTV Cameras

As we often say in this blog, the majority of crimes are crimes of opportunity. Criminals spot a target that looks soft and take their chances. The installation of CCTV cameras, and visible signage relating to the cameras, is a highly effective preventative security measure for any construction site to introduce. At Blackbird Security, we’d be delighted to assist with CCTV installation or CCTV monitoring.

Access Control Systems

Construction sites often have lax access protocols in place, with human error leaving plenty of weak points to be exploited. Installing an Access Control System quickly solves this issue, only granting access to authorized personnel or vehicles to enter the construction site. Systems are available to grant card-based or biometric access, managing the flow of people to the site, while also monitoring who is present at any one time. A robust Access Control System goes hand-in-hand with our next recommendation.


Fencing is a common sight at construction sites across Canada, but it should be considered an addition to other, more effective security methods. Consider measures like anti-climb, palisade or mesh fencing as a lot of criminals will just climb over traditional fencing. Alongside fencing, consider the installation of barriers to prevent anyone from driving into the site without permission.


Good lighting can make a world of difference in construction site security, particularly during those long winter months. Opportunistic criminals love to work under cover of darkness, when they believe they’re less likely to get spotted. Poor lighting marks your site out as an easier target. Lighting will also work to boost the quality of CCTV footage, creating security synergy for your site.

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