Environmental Stewardship in the Security Industry

Globally, the move towards sustainable, eco-friendly business practices is picking up pace. It’s no surprise the security industry is being called on to do our bit. Let’s face it, our industry hasn’t exactly been well known for being green friendly but change is on the horizon. In the coming years, the security industry has a valuable role to play in promoting a cleaner and greener way to do business. Here’s how Blackbird Security is doing our part.

Blackbird Security’s Commitment to Sustainability

When a business makes the decision to adopt green-friendly policies, it begins with a top to bottom audit of how they do business, and how practices can be modified to become more sustainable. When Blackbird Security was founded in 2015, we started with a dedication to minimizing our company’s carbon footprint through our processes, spaces, travel and initiatives. Our official company policy is to only use what is needed and we achieve this goal in several areas.

Paperless Processes

All of our reporting, records, communications and marketing are carried out online. In fact, the only paper we use goes into executive staff business cards and the occasional informational brochure. Our online, cloud-based software for mobile patrol summary and incident reports are accessible by staff and clients alike, saving a mountain of paper while providing real-time data. Not only does this improve efficiency and client service, it’s also better for the environment.

Green Friendly Uniforms

Green Friendly Uniforms

Blackbird Security’s approach to staff uniforms highlights one of the many small ways businesses can adopt greener business practices. All of our staff clothing, particularly our rain jackets, are free from environmentally perfluorinated carbons (PFCs).  PFCs are among the most potent and longest-lasting types of greenhouse gases emitted by human activities. They are commonly used in most water-repellent clothing.

Reduced Office Space

We’ve empowered our staff with the tools they need to work remotely. This serves the dual purpose of improving work-life balance, while reducing staff travel emissions and the footprint of our head office. When staff do come to our office, they are encouraged to recycle waste and use our composting facilities.

Low Co2 Emission Cars

Low CO2 Emission Travel

In delivering our mobile patrol service, we’re obliged to have cars on the road round-the-clock. We’ve chosen Nissan’s Micra vehicles for this service as they offer one of the lowest CO2 emissions available in a petrol engine vehicle. We plan to examine further ways we can reduce emissions in this area of our business.

Green Business

Green Business Bureau Certification

Blackbird Security is a proud member of the Green Business Bureau. This allows us to stay up to date and compliant with evolving sustainable standards and expectations. We look forward to finding new ways to improve our sustainability and highlight the many ways security companies can contribute to the fight against climate change.

Let Us Help

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