Cyber Security Trends in 2020

It’s a new year, meaning it’s the perfect time to prepare for the coming year in security. Last week, we discussed the security trends to watch out for this year. This week, we’re going online to examine the new developments in the world of cyber security to be aware of.

Advances in technology make it easier than ever to conduct business efficiently and profitably. They also give enterprising criminals more ways to probe businesses for weakness. Being aware of these potential weak points isn’t just wise, it’s good business.

At Blackbird Security, our cyber security experts are constantly staying on top of the latest technology advances. We’ve asked them to provide their insight on cyber security threats to watch out for in 2020 so your business can be prepared, secure and safe.

Ransomware is Going Small

Many small businesses don’t take the threat of ransomware seriously and it’s easy to see why. It’s a threat that’s long been the preserve of larger multinational businesses. Smaller operations simply weren’t on criminal radars. Unfortunately, this is changing. 2020 is the year ransomware will go small, targeting small businesses with less robust cybersecurity infrastructure. This change is occurring as ransomware software becomes more easily accessible for criminals. These attacks are hard to trace and the proceeds are easier to launder.

Phishing via Cell Phones

Phishing isn’t a new development. Even the most archaic of businesses is aware of the threat and knows how to prevent it. In 2020, phishing will take a more personal slant, going after individual employees through softer areas. These will include personal email accounts, social networking platforms, group messaging apps like WhatsApp and even traditional SMS. All staff will need to be vigilant, with most now storing some company logins on their smartphones. If a criminal can gain access to these login credentials, it can prove an easy way to compromise otherwise secure businesses.

5G is Coming

5G cell phone networks will roll out across the world this year. While Canada is lagging behind, discussing who will build the network, it still brings considerations for Canadian businesses. The speed of 5G networks will increase reliance on our always online world. The internet of things (smart devices around homes and businesses connected to the internet) looks to grow exponentially thanks to this increased speed. All of these devices are potential attack vectors for criminals and all will need to be risk assessed before being incorporated by businesses.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Most businesses have woken up to the need for two-factor authentication. However, weaknesses have been shown in this setup, leading to the need for further, multi-factor authentication. To protect against theft of credentials, more businesses are turning to biometrics, fingerprint authentication and even using face unlocking software included in cell phones. If you can unlock a phone with your face securely, why not company software? In many cases, it’s more secure than a password and less prone to forgetfulness.

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