Crime Prevention: 6 Ways Security Guards Deter Criminal Activity

Canada has seen its fair share of ups and downs in crime rates over the last two years. While assaults are down significantly since 2022 in Vancouver, property crime rose by 7.3% during the first quarter of 2023.  In Toronto, breaking and entering is up 18.9% in 2023 over 2022, and auto theft is up by 37.7%.

Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of security in their overall strategy. Whether you own a retail business, construction site, or institution, a comprehensive security strategy plays a key role in reducing the risk of crime. Read on to learn the ways security guards proactively deter criminal activity.


Physical Security Presence Deters Crime

The physical presence of uniformed security guards provides a deterrent to potential criminals. Distinctive security uniforms offer a visual warning that the premises are monitored and protected. Criminals are less likely to target locations where the risk of intervention and detection is high, making the sight of a security guard a proactive crime prevention measure.

Strategically placed security guards at entry points and access areas provide a valuable first impression for customers and visitors, communicating the fact that the premises are well-guarded and that safety is a priority. 

Mobile Security Patrols Keep Criminals Guessing

For larger sites or after-hours security, mobile security patrols are the go-to security option. Mobile security guards patrol sites on randomized schedules in a highly visible security vehicle. This can provide an element of surprise against potential criminals, stopping them in the act or deterring them from theft or vandalism completely. 

Mobile security is ideal for construction sites, as most equipment thefts take place between 6 pm on Friday and 6 am on Monday. With a mobile security patrol on duty during weekend hours, criminals will be deterred from attempting weekend break-ins and vandalism.

Parking Lot Security Reduces Car Theft

Ensuring the safety and security of parking lots is essential in providing an optimal experience for visitors. Parking security guards enforce parking rules and regulations by regularly patrolling lots, but they can also serve as a strong deterrent for thieves and loiterers. 

In areas where car crime is abundant, parking lot security plays an essential role in reducing the risk of car theft by providing a signal that the lot is protected and patrolled. Criminals are less likely to target lots that are visibly protected and monitored, leading to safer establishments and increased customer retention. 

Security Incident Reporting Reveals Vulnerabilities

Security guards are trained to actively monitor the premises for signs of suspicious activity and report it immediately. The right security company will employ industry-standard technologies in their security reporting procedures. At Blackbird Security, our guards use TrackTik to report on security events as they happen and provide context such as photos or written descriptions to enhance their reports in real time. 

TrackTik enables real-time tracking of security patrol routes, providing our Control Centre team and our clients with a birds-eye view of premises and active security. TrackTik can be easily accessed through our portal, enabling full transparency and visibility at all times.

Thorough incident reporting reveals patterns and security vulnerabilities, allowing for gaps to be filled in security strategies to maintain a proactive approach.

Community Support Through Security

Security guards should do more than simply protect property. The right security guards will be engaged members of your team and serve as an extension of your overall workforce. 

At Blackbird Security, our guards receive extensive customer service training. As security guards are often the first team members encountered by customers and visitors, security teams must represent businesses in the best light possible. Blackbird Security guards are also thoroughly trained in cultural sensitivity, equipping them with the skills to engage in positive interactions with all members of the public. 

By putting customer interaction at the forefront of our approach to security, our guards ensure that customers feel safe and cared for, while potential criminals are aware that they are being closely monitored. 

Partner With Canada’s Leading Security Company

Security guards play an essential role in crime prevention across Canada. Having a thorough security strategy and partnering with a company that has a proven track record of success is vital for all businesses in maintaining customer retention. Put simply, people will not go where they feel unsafe. Ensure the optimal customer experience by partnering with a security company that will go above and beyond. 

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