Construction Site Theft Increasing Across Canada

An interesting press release arrived in our inbox this week.

Vancouver Police are calling on construction companies to take extra precautions to prevent crime, following a spike in thefts from construction sites around the Lower Mainland. In the most recent example, thieves made off with more than $10,000 in plywood, alongside three pallets of roofing shingles.

“As lumber prices have continued to rise, VPD has seen a significant increase in break and enters to construction sites this year,” says Sergeant Steve Addison, VPD.

“In many cases, the thieves have made off with thousands of dollars in plywood and other building materials. We’re encouraging site managers to take precautions to avoid future thefts.”

Construction Site Security

Why Are Construction Sites a Target for Theft?

As the Canadian economy continues to reopen at a rapid pace, supply chains have struggled to keep up with raw materials for industries such as construction. This has led to an unprecedented surge in the price of lumber, with this valuable resource costing three times as much today as it did in 2019.

This price increase has led criminals to view construction sites as a soft target. Estimates put the cost of construction theft at up to $1 billion Canada-wide in 2021. In the Lower Mainland of BC, at least seven construction sites have been targeted for break-ins since January. This is a scenario that’s playing out across our country. If you manage a construction site, can you afford not to hire security for your site? Blackbird Security can help in several ways.

Construction Site Security: Work with the Experts

No matter the size and scope of your construction site, Blackbird Security will meet with you to devise a tailored construction site security plan that ensures maximum coverage while remaining respectful of your budget.

Some of your options include:

Uniformed Security Guard

Stationed in a guard house or at the exterior of the site, our security guards are expertly trained to respond to threats and protect your business with the highest standards of professionalism. Through our dedicated Blackbird Academy training school, our highly trained security personnel are equally adept at security patrols, vehicle searches, acting as gatehouse staff, or providing general site security solutions.

Mobile Security Patrols

Our Mobile Patrol service offers a flexible option for construction site security. Mobile Patrol Guards can be assigned to patrol pre-determined routes on a randomized schedule. Patrols occur on foot, bicycle, or in our highly visible Blackbird Security-branded vehicles. This service keeps opportunistic thieves guessing, as they never know when a guard will patrol through the site.

The best part? Our cutting edge TrackTik technology allows real-time monitoring of these patrols, as well as a dashboard clients can access to view live reporting, track incidents and view pictures of the scene.

The real-time and historical insights offered by TrackTik allow us to adapt to situations, spot trends, and get ahead of potential risks before they occur.

Construction Site Security – Partner with Blackbird Security

Theft of equipment and materials, or damage to a site can be a huge financial loss in the construction industry, and can also create significant timeline delays. Beyond the financial implications, a lack of security can also create a threat to public safety. Thoughtfully plan your security strategy well in advance and take as many precautions as possible. If you’re in need of a security audit, a consultation or patrol security to keep your site secure, contact us today!

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