Construction Site Security: Is it Worth It?

Effective construction site security protects your assets and helps avoid project delays. Across Canada, the cost of stolen construction equipment is at least $46 million. You can avoid becoming part of that statistic if you hire professional construction site security. This week on the blog, we discuss the benefits of hiring a reputable security company to protect your investment. 

Protect Your Assets

Construction workers leave the site at the end of the workday, but the equipment doesn’t. A deserted construction site with idle machinery is an opportunity ripe for vandals and thieves. Replacing stolen equipment is extremely costly. It cuts into the project’s profit and threatens the overall investment. Without construction site security, your assets are at a high risk. 

Avoid Project Delays with Construction Site Security

Robbed equipment costs you money and time. In the construction industry, project management  is complex and dynamic in the best of times. It takes serious coordination across multiple stakeholders to meet a project deadline. When equipment goes missing, it causes major delays. With the simple decision to hire construction site security, you will reduce setbacks to the project’s completion. 

Improve Your Construction Site Security Today

There are some environmental strategies you can implement to deter theft. For example, a highly lit area discourages crime. However, good lighting will only help so much. If you want the most effective strategy to secure your construction project, it’s time to invest in construction site security. 

Blackbird Security’s mobile patrol unit acts as a visible deterrent to thieves when it’s needed most. We offer competitive prices and will work with you to create a tailored security plan for your needs. Our expert approach to risk management helps to prevent crime—not just react to it. If threats do arise, we respond with appropriate and tested response plans. With years of experience under our belt, our teams across Western Canada are among the best in the industry. 

Get in Touch

Blackbird Security offers proven construction site security that will protect your assets and help avoid project delays. To learn more about our approach, get in touch with us today. 

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