Conflict Resolution Skills: How Security Guards Keep Situations Under Control

The most essential tool at a security guard’s disposal is their conflict resolution skills and their ability to manage volatile situations safely and peacefully. A security guard’s primary responsibility is to ensure the safety and security of the site or business they’re tasked with guarding, and conflict resolution plays a key part in both of these roles. 

In this blog, we’ll explore the importance of conflict resolution in the security industry and dive into scenarios in which security guards effectively and peacefully resolve conflicts.

What Is Conflict Resolution?

Conflict resolution is the process of finding a peaceful solution to conflicts and disagreements that ideally leaves all parties feeling satisfied. In a security setting, guards will actively communicate and strive to understand the motives and beliefs of conflicting sides while engaging in negotiation to find a solution that minimizes conflict while maintaining security. 

Conflict Resolution in Security

Conflict Resolution in the Security Field

Conflict is an inherent aspect of human nature, and for professionals with people-centric responsibilities such as security guards, heightened situational awareness becomes paramount to ensure safety, maintain order, and prevent escalation. Here are some examples of scenarios where security guards might need to use conflict resolution:

Managing Access Control: Security guards who manage entry points to buildings or events may encounter conflicts when individuals face access restrictions or experience difficulties with identification. Conflict resolution is crucial in addressing these issues peacefully while ensuring compliance with safety protocols.

Crowd Management: Events, concerts, or public gatherings can lead to overcrowding and heightened emotions. Security guards may be required to diffuse tensions, manage unruly behaviour, and resolve conflicts among attendees to maintain a safe environment. 

Retail Disputes: Retail security guards often encounter conflicts related to shoplifting, disagreements between customers, or disputes with staff over returns and exchanges. Conflict resolution is necessary to address these issues without disrupting the business environment.

Trespassing or Intrusions: Dealing with individuals trespassing on private property or attempting unauthorized access requires effective and decisive conflict resolution. Security guards must address intrusions firmly in adherence to access protocols while minimizing confrontations to ensure construction site and business security. 

Disruptive Behaviour at Event Venues: Security guards at event venues such as concerts or sports arenas will likely encounter disruptive or intoxicated individuals. Conflict resolution skills are crucial to mitigate disruptions and ensure a positive experience for all attendees.

Escorting Individuals off of Property: When individuals need to be escorted off the premises of a building or event, conflict resolution skills are crucial to ensure a smooth and non-confrontational process.

Conflict resolution in security

Understanding the Role of Security Guards

Security Guards are more than a uniformed physical security presence. While they’re the first line of defence against threats and disruptions, they’re also often the first person a visitor interacts with when entering a store, construction site, or residential building. This means that a customer-service approach is essential to providing a positive experience for customers, staff, visitors, and residents of a guarded area. 

Blackbird Security guards are trained in customer service. A key skill in customer service is verbal conflict resolution, which serves to quickly de-escalate high-stress situations. Our guards function as an extension of our client’s business, providing a positive experience for all parties while maintaining our values of respect, integrity, teamwork, and adaptability. 

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At Blackbird, we advocate for a ‘hands-off’ approach to security to minimize potential incidents. This approach prioritizes verbal strategies and preventative measures to create an environment where security is maintained without resorting to physical intervention unless necessary. Partner with a security company that will maintain a truly peaceful environment with industry-leading conflict resolution skills. 

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