Common Security Threats Faced by Hotels

Hotels present unique challenges in the world of security. From guests arriving and departing at all times, to a revolving door of visitors, it can be tough to keep a handle on who should be in the building and who should be kept outside.

With plenty of time left before the busy summer rush, we wanted to spend this week’s blog taking a look at some of the common security threats faced by hotels and how to put procedures in place to prevent them.

Unauthorized Access by Visitors

With most hotel guests only staying a night or two, it can be difficult for frontline staff to know their faces and where they are staying. Additionally, guests who are legitimately staying may decide to bring visitors along of their own. A lot of hotels also have a bar attached, meaning those who are enjoying a few drinks have a legitimate reason to be there. This is an issue hotels around the world grapple with and it doesn’t have an easy answer. It’s recommended to always have security posted at the front door, especially at night. Upgrade your surveillance cameras to the latest equipment and consider creating a “no visitors” policy at night.

Identity Theft

Credit card fraud is one of the single biggest issues affecting the hospitality industry. Hotels keep the identities and credit cards of thousands of guests on file. If their security infrastructure has any weaknesses, criminals can hack in and steal this data with a couple of clicks. It’s vital for the hotel’s IT infrastructure to be up to date and regularly audited by a cyber security expert. This form of security is an arms race between businesses and hackers. It’s an aspect of security that needs to be carefully monitored and upgraded regularly to avoid any costly mistakes.

Car Park Theft

Criminals know hotel car parks are often a gold mine of potential stolen goods. Travellers can leave cars unattended here for days, meaning they can steal and sell the goods before the affected party even realizes what has happened. Any parking areas of the hotel must be under constant surveillance and it’s recommended to have a patrolling security officer acting as a deterrent to crimes of opportunity. Above all else, try to enclose the car park behind a security gate as this will prevent all but the most determined thieves.

Public Intoxication

We all remember the glory days of rock stars throwing TVs out of hotel windows but that doesn’t mean bad behavior is acceptable nowadays. Many people will treat a hotel stay as an opportunity to cut loose and behave in a way they wouldn’t at home. They might get rowdy, cause problems for your staff, or even cause property damage. It’s important to have a proper plan in place to deal with these guests. A trained security team can nip this bad behavior in the bud and prevent any discomfort to staff and fellow guests.

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