Client Focus: Sobeys Edmonton Retail Service Centre

As we continue to grapple with the impact of COVID-19, grocery stores across Canada have increasingly turned to uniformed security guards to increase the safety of their customers, business and community.

Earlier this year, Blackbird Security was honoured to begin our partnership with Sobeys Edmonton Retail Service Centre. This invaluable distribution centre keeps essential goods stocked and deliveries flowing. In this week’s blog, we’ll delve into the kind of services we supply for our retail security partners. For Sobeys, we focus on delivering best in class warehouse security.

Warehouse Security – Providing an Essential Service

In the last twelve months, the role of a security guard has changed greatly. Alongside their usual day-to-day tasks, guards have undergone increased training to respond to the unique challenges posed by the pandemic. This increased level of training is on display in our work at Sobeys Edmonton Retail Service Centre.

Here, our warehouse guards perform traditional duties like staffing the gatehouse, patrolling the premises and watching out for trespassers. They also carry out activities such as COVID-19 temperature checks, maintaining social distancing, and other activities required by our new normal.  

Industry Leading Training

We recognize the changing demands being placed on security companies, and we have adjusted our industry leading training program to accommodate to changing times. Our security guards undergo over 50 hours of specialized classroom instructional training, as well as detailed on-the-job training. For a client such as Sobeys, this training is designed to help achieve maximum efficiency in our service. Our team members understand standing orders, yard rules, and develop a detailed understanding of regular contractors and workflow.

Our security guards are scheduled at Sobeys warehouse 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Partner with Blackbird Security for Grocery Security

If your grocery store is considering hiring security guards to implement Covid-19 safety measures, elevate the customer experience, or help keep your warehouse secure, don’t hesitate to reach out. We provide service to businesses all across BC, Alberta, Winnipeg and Saskatchewan.

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