Celebrating Female Leadership on International Women’s Day

March 8th is International Women’s Day and Blackbird Security is marking the occasion by celebrating some of the amazing women providing leadership and expertise in our organization.

Let’s face facts. The security industry has traditionally been a male-dominated sector. In many cases, it still is. Women long faced barriers to entering the industry as many roles in law enforcement were held by men, who then transitioned well into the security field. That was a flimsy excuse then, and it’s completely outdated now.

The only way our industry can change is if each security company plays their role in changing these tired gender roles.

Blackbird Security

Building a More Inclusive Workplace for Everyone

When we created Blackbird Security, our core values embraced diversity and inclusion – regardless of gender, race, sexual preference and/or ethnicity. This diversity in viewpoints and lived experience isn’t just a progressive outlook, it’s also good for business.

More and more businesses are reaping the rewards of embracing traditionally ‘feminine leadership qualities’ such as receptivity, curiosity, listening and empathy, and incorporating them into their decision-making process. This makes for well-rounded and receptive businesses that are more in tune with the needs of their staff and clients.

Read our Diversity and Inclusion Manual to learn more about our dedication to creating a diverse and stimulating workplace for all.

Female Leadership in the Field

At Blackbird Security, we are lucky to have amazing women in positions of leadership throughout our organization. Take the example of Amandeep and Maria. They are valued members of our Elite Suit & Tie Security team operating in Alberta.

Amandeep and Maria have been with Blackbird Security for a year in the Calgary region. They are reliable, friendly, compassionate and extremely hard working. Not only are they outstanding members of our team, they are also looked up to as leaders by their fellow staff, and have developed strong working relationships with the staff at Holt Renfrew.

During the pandemic, their skillset has proven invaluable in helping to keep staff and visitors alike safe at Holt Renfrew, and we’d like to recognize Amandeep and Maria for their hard work. You’re incredibly valued members of our team and we’re lucky to have you!

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