Blackbird Security Provides Security Services for Edmonton Riverhawks Baseball

With summer in full swing across Canada, there’s few finer ways to celebrate the good weather than heading to the ballpark for a baseball game. Whether it’s the cheesy organ music, the hotdogs and beer, or the mascot races, we can’t get enough of this annual tradition. The Edmonton Riverhawks are one of Canada’s newest baseball teams, and when they needed security services for their inaugural season, they turned to Canada’s number one security company.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Over the coming months, Blackbird Security is partnering with the Edmonton Riverhawks to provide security services at their home games at RE/MAX Field. The Hawks have been enjoying a successful summer season so far, and we can’t wait for their big Canada Day celebration, where over 10,000 fans are expected to be in attendance.

Providing World Class Security in a Baseball Stadium

Baseball has been considered a feel-good family sport for many years. Our goal as the trusted security partner, is to maintain and enhance this atmosphere, creating a space where all fans feel safe and appreciated.

This work begins well in advance of the first pitch, with our team arriving to run through their pre-game checklist. Doors open for fans approximately 90 minutes before the game begins, and our team works diligently to ensure the integrity of the outer perimeter. Our job is made somewhat easier by the advanced set up at RE/MAX Field. This 9,000-seater stadium is one of Western Canada’s most impressive baseball stadiums, offering a wide variety of amenities and concessions for fans to enjoy during breaks in play.

Our guards, which usually number six to ten on a gameday, manage pedestrian flow, watching out for blockages and ensuring the smooth passage of fans to their seats. In an effort to maintain the convivial family atmosphere these games are known for, our team closely watches for anti-social behaviour throughout the event. Guards lean on their advanced training in areas such as conflict resolution and incident de-escalation to defuse potential flashpoints.

As highly visible, uniformed security guards, the Blackbird Security team are happy to mingle among fans and answer any questions they may have while providing directions and assistance. We understand that our security guards are ambassadors for our clients brand, so we provide them with customer service training to ensure they can handle this increasingly important aspect of their roles. The vast majority of interactions a security guard has in their day-to-day role aren’t with criminals. They’re with members of the public looking for assistance. It’s this approach that has helped Blackbird Security stand out as Canada’s number one security provider.

If you’re a sports team looking to upgrade your stadium security, we’d love to hear from you!

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